Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Does Harper Want an Election Now?

When you start to link together what is coming up that has the potential to hurt the Conservatives, it's not difficult to understand why Harper would want to pull the plug now.

It looks as though he may be put off for a while though. According to Paul Wells, Gilles Duceppe has said that he just can't possibly meet with the PM before either the 5th, 6th or 7th of September. Oh dear. Harper has committed to meeting with all the opposition leaders before making his decision and as we all know, he would never break his word. Would he?

If Harper actually does keep his word, it looks as if the first 3 by-elections will at least happen. Before someone points out that he could go to the GG on the 07th, he could only actually do that if he suddenly had a change of heart and decided to go to China. She's in Beijing from the 05th to the 10th of September attending the Paralympics.

That said, I am sure there are ways he could circumvent going to the GG, but from a political standpoint, well it's just all too risky isn't it?

So, what's his rush? When you put upcoming events into a timeline, this is what you see.

  • Julie Couillard is to be summonsed before Committee on September 16th.
  • The Ag Committee is in the process of scheduling to hear from more witnesses re' the leaked memo when parliament resumes.
  • The Cadman hearing is to begin September 22, with Zytaruk to appear in September.
  • Julie Couillard's book is due out October 14th
  • The In and Out judicial review will render an outcome by the end of October.
Now, what is perplexing about going to the polls quickly, is the fact that the Con's have just reneged on some spending for the Navy, they've cut numerous Arts programs, (here's a cute related story), Clement has ticked off the medical community by questioning their morality, a leaked memo has surfaced that claims that oversight of food inspection could be relegated to industry as sadly, the death's associated with the Maple Leaf Listeriosis link are increasing. These particular actions of course speak to their base, but what's the point of that? Isn't their base solid?

Could it be that they have seen erosion in those numbers and are attempting to shore them up? Who knows, because on the heels of doing that, Nicholson pulls the rug out from under the anti-abortion crowd by scuttling a private member's bill that threatened to re-open the debate. I imagine this Reformer/Alliance/Conservative expected his Bill to be his legacy. Sorry Ken. Under the bus you go if it scores points for your leader, though to be frank, I'll wait to see the new legislation.

It's often said that we live in interesting times. I'd call the present moment confusing at best. Are Canadians engaged yet? I suspect many are back home from vacation, reading newspapers and listening to or watching the news. The Con's may be betting they aren't.

The opposition has been handed a tremendous amount of fodder, but it is up to them to use it wisely. Oh, to have the chance to plot strategy.

What would your's be?


Anonymous said...

Ken Epp is probably not running again, and I doubt Harper knows or cares who he is anyway. Even Maxime Bernier would win in that Alberta riding.

Couillard is not a factor. Unless she slept with other cabinet ministers (say Rona Ambrose, for example), it is hard to imagine anything new in that sordid tale.

The House of Commons committees are a farce led by old farts. Nobody cares about them.

Harper is just fed up with having an opposition numerically stronger than his team. And so he wants to crush them.

The opposition should just surrender.

Anonymous said...

They know they are soooo screwed.

knb said...

anon 1...that is what you repeat to yourself at night to justify this nonsense.

It's interesting, nay, encouraging, to see who Harper's base is comprised of, full on.

knb said...

anon 2, apparently they do.

Do Canadians?

Tell me how you'd explain it to them. I'm really up for some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that when Liberals and their leader say things like "hey what's the rush......parliament (led by Harper) is working just fine....lets not be rash here and call an election" (during one of the longest minority parliaments in the history of the nation)

make the Liberals sound terrified of facing the electorate?

Anonymous said...

I think you got it right a couple of days ago. This election is all about bankrupting the opposition.

If Harper wins a minority the opposition won't dare kill the government for fear of voter reprisal as well as being broke so we get two more years at least of what we have now.

If Dion wins a minority, Harper pulls the plug quickly in hopes of beating him while broke or holds him up for ransom to stay alive. Either way Harper wins unless the Liberals pay off their debts first before spending on the coming election. That will be the only way to prevent Harper from holding a couple of aces, by being able to trump them.

The election will be easy for the opposition as they can roll out a new scandal, broken promise or outright lie every day and not even come close to covering them all.

Omar said...

Dion should consider not meeting Harper at all. I mean, what for? This prime minister is his own worst enemy and the best friend Liberals could possibly have going into an election. Steady as she goes, all is progressing smoothly. Let that stupid, fat fuck summon party leaders until the cows come home.

RuralSandi said...

Massive election-timing-speculation tip!!!
By Paul Wells August 25th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

election speculation • Gilles Duceppe • How about never? Does never work for you? • Stephen Harper
Oooh these next few weeks are going to be SO exciting.

We have all just received a news release from the Bloc Québécois (official slogan: “It’s Taking a While. Stop Giggling”) which reveals that Mr. Gilles Duceppe will be pleased to meet Mr. Stephen Harper on the 5th, 6th, or 7th of September.

But not before. Too busy. So sorry.

This is huge. Why is it huge? It just is. Huge. It is huge because it means that, since the prime minister cannot call an election until he has met with all the opposition leaders in search of The One with whom he can continue to govern in peace and hard-negotiated legislative agenda, then he cannot call an election until after a Sept. 5 meeting, at the earliest. So an election is at least 11 days away. You could almost call it a “fixed election date,” although that would guarantee it would mean nothing, wouldn’t it? why are they just talking about the Liberals?

wilson said...

Omar 'that stupid, fat fuck' as you so kindly refer to the Prime Minster of Canada, has the longest running minority government in Canadian history.

The time is right for the Cons because:
1. Bush is gone
2. Dion extended the Afghan mission
3. The abortion issue has been put to rest
4. Dion's enviro plan is a bust
5. Canadians view the Conservatives as the best party and PMSH as the best PM to handle the economy right now
6. Dion is still not a leader

Bush, war, abortion, environment....the weapons in the Liberal arsonal are all wet.

Gayle said...

They want to ensure they have an election before the LPC win all the by-elections and get some momentum

They want to ensure they have an election before they lose their court case on the In and Out issue

They want to ensure they have an election before the committee has any more time to investigate said scandal, the the CPC have to continue to act like fools in order to avoid this investigation

Yes Wilson, the time for the CPC is truly now...

RuralSandi said...

Why is Layton so quiet all of a sudden?

Curious isn't it? The other day he said he wants parliament to resume....and now nothing?'

Check out Liblogger - Calgary Grit....interesting too.

wilson said...

Liberals winning their own seats back in by-elections does not ensure they win a general election.
If not losing any seats in a byelection is 'good news momentum'
then Libs really are in trouble.

The In and Out case will not be settled until for awhile, and then the Cons can appeal if need be.

The Kangaroo Court will prove nothing. Libs can have 24/7 committees investigating faux scandals, and the polls show zip reaction to this waste of time.

So tell me Gayle, why is it not a good time for the Libs to go to the people?
Why is Dion not jumping at the chance to defeat Harper after 18 months of threatening do bring down this evil government?

Dion could go to the meeting with Harper and flip him the bird, and voila, Dion gets his election at the expense of Harper breaking the fixed date law.

Anonymous said...


"Harper's destroying our country, and letting the planet burn in a global warming inferno"


"Want an opportunity to get me out of power?"


"Uhhhh, what's the rush."

penlan said...

It just got a whole lot worse. Harper is now demanding, yes demanding, to meet with Dion before Sept. 8th. You can read it here

What a vile little man he is.

Gayle said...

Tell me wilson, if Harper is so confident, why is he so scared to wait a mere 5 days to meet with Dion as he promised he would do before he calls an election?

Why is it so urgent that election be called now? The only possible reason for Harper to break his promise to meet Dion first is that he wants to cancel the by-elections, which means he is scared about what four liberal wins will mean for the liberal party.

If I am wrong, Harper can prove it by agreeing to wait to meet with Dion on September 9.

Omar said...

Whatever, Wilson.
Your Top 6 Conservative achievement list is pretty irrelevant as to whether Dion should meet with Harper. It's the stupid, fat fuck who wants the election! Dion has been clear all along that election timing was pretty much in his hands. Harper is not only breaking his promise on fixed election dates, he is breaking his own election date law.

Dion to Fatboy: "Don't call us, we'll call you."

knb said...

anon @9:02, I still think there is something to the financial angle too, but every day we see a little bit more.

Today gave me another little glimpse.

knb said...

sandi, it's how their brains are wired.

knb said...

wilson, I'll be kind and allow you to wallow in your delusional world without interruption.

knb said...

Sandi, Jack will speak when he can have maximum effect and the spotlight only on him.

knb said...

penlan, What a vile little man he is.

Little? Just kidding. You're right he is indeed, and he's a liar. Thankfully Dion called him out on it as I wrote about today.

Omar said...

wilson, I'll be kind and allow you to wallow in your delusional world without interruption.

Are you a woman, Wilson? I read that somewhere the other day.
I always envisioned you as Jason Kenney every time I'd read something you wrote. Funny.