Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Videos

Here are a few videos concerning the Green Shift.


KEvron said...

off-topic (heh):

you can re-install sitemeter; just remove the <div> tags around the sitemeter script and ie should function just fine (did for me). something to do with sitemeter's java script.


KEvron said...

to elaborate: i put the sitemeter script in the side bar, after the last </div> tag and before <!-- End #sidebar --> bit.

good luck.

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knb said...

I think I did what you said KEv.

It showed up just fine, but I don't know if my site is okay.

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

KNB, I'm not sure why/what the point of the Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative video is.

I have a place around Cornwall and the CCRI seems more like a publicity feel good stunt with absolutely no substance.

Here for example from their website:
April 14th, 2008
This exciting all day event will take place outdoors and will feature Rock 101.9, D.J Mitch and Brian Mulligan of the Cornwall Motor Speedway.

So a rather dubious Solar Car Challenge where the main attraction is from a racetrack? WTF?

To me, this is the kind of initiate that gives the movement a bad name - how long until they start asking for more tax dollars to subsidize what they perceive as helping carbon reduction? You have earnest people that seem more about making themselves feel good with misguided efforts.

knb said...

Hmmm, you have a point cwtf and I confess that I did not look into the group.

I did go to the website just now though and if I had to analyse, I'd say it's a baby step that Dion is recognising, but I only spent a couple of minutes at the site.

I don't think Dion's message is, turn upside down tomorrow. I think he is trying to make the point that we must start now because we really haven't yet and he's giving kudo's to those who have made a move.

Who knows really, they are just excerpts.

I am glad that he's going out and speaking to groups though. I stand by my sense that this is having an effect that is under the radar of any poll.

You have earnest people that seem more about making themselves feel good with misguided efforts.

He's pretty straight forward with those types so it would be interesting to see more of the vid.

I wish they'd You Tube this stuff. I've asked and they tell me they are thinking about it.

I'm going to a Town Hall soon, so I'll tell you the real good's on how it's conducted. I don't own a vid cam, though.

KEvron said...

er, "effecting"....


Anonymous said...

He's pretty straight forward with those types so it would be interesting to see more of the vid.
I believe that Dion is sincere. And kudos to him for selling the Green Shift.

My point is that we still need to question what/who is selling us the carbon reduction.
We only have to look to the Harper push to biofuels to see that it's a corporate welfare scheme that is driving up the price of food and overall not beneficial.

Omar said...

Those videos are B-A-D.

The Conservative election machine eats those more than lame "Knockin em dead in Eastern Ontario" clips for breakfast. They DO NOT have a whiff of enthusiasm let alone a feel for impending electoral victory. NOT at all. We may be doomed after all..

knb said...

Point taken cwtf.

knb said...

Oh, there not so bad for in-house vid's meant to give a glimpse into what they've been up to this summer.

Enthusiasm comes with a better understanding of what's being offered and that's what these tours are all about.

I'll take discourse over oily splotches any day.

Chin up! Where's that optimism,;)?

Omar said...

I am in the final chapters of George Radwanski's "Trudeau" so those less than invigorating political clips were about as pleasurable to endure as a beating. Radwanski's book should be required reading for Dion and kept from falling into the hands of Stephen Harper.

knb said...

I never read it, but I'll look it up on your recommendation.

In the meantime, maybe this will cheer you up.