Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Perfect Storm? Oh Yeah.

I for one sense one brewing.

Harper began the day threatening to engineer an election.

"Quite frankly, I’m going to have to make a judgment in the next little while as to whether or not this Parliament can function productively," Harper said, without elaborating on his plans.

It hasn't functioned productively since he took power of course, but now that he and his are being exposed to an even greater degree during this week's sitting of the Ethics Committee, he knows he cannot allow that exposure to continue. He doesn't care a whit about what's right for this country, he wants to keep governing so he can shape us into what most of do not want to become. He likely knows that if we go now he may not get the majority he wants, but he has a shot at another minority.

The Committee was beyond belief today and frankly I hadn't thought it could get any worse. (I keep underestimating how low the Con's will sink don't I? Note to self...fix that!)

Here's a brief recap. A witness who was meant to testify on Tuesday, in a move that only Finley and Harper would be proud of, presented himself after the meeting had started and wanted to testify today. By presenting himself, I mean that literally. Szabo was making opening comments and this man, Sam Goldstein, (note writer/actor in his bio) walked right up to him and stuck out his hand. He was being picked up by the mic of was bizarre. Szabo wanting to get back to the meeting asked him to sit at the back of the room. He walked back and started screaming to the media. I couldn't hear what he was saying at the time, but here's a clip for your entertainment. He then ran outside with media in tow, so there may be more footage later.

So why do I think what we are seeing what constitutes a perfect storm? Well, in spite of Julie Van Dusen stating that the opposition would claim that the Conservatives have 'stage managed' the chaos at committee, I'd replace the word opposition with the words, any sane person watching this week. It's been quite clear that the sole purpose of all the Conservative member's comments, statements and arguments have been designed to demean the process and portray it as irrelevant and at the same time irreconcilable. They know they are fully exposed, (which is quite a frightening thought really considering the members), and they simply cannot afford for this to go on.

Many things came out this week. That the Con's were instructing witnesses not to appear should surely be investigated. If the media were hungry, they would follow up. That remains to be seen, but I don't think the Con's want to risk that.

The final point is that at the end of the meeting today, a motion was put forward to re-issue summons to compel all the no-show witnesses to reconsider their decision and appear in the Fall.

The Con's tried to amend that by sending it to the House, where it would be debated before the Speaker and he would then have to consider everything that has gone on and render a decision. In other words, more delay.

So what do we have? The Con's in committee setting a dysfunctional stage. A talking point then sent to media that they believe that Parliament is not functioning well. The PM saying if Parliament isn't working, he'll have to do something about that, and the committee voting to push the exposure forward.

Looks like a perfect storm to me, so in spite of Van Loan and others claiming they would not prorogue, my bet is that is exactly what is underway, now at this moment.

Imagine if this had all gone forward 7 months ago as it should have. How much wiser would the general public be by now? What's important now though is that they become more exposed as the clowns who run this country. Grab all the video you can on the committee, (here's one place to go) and if you're more tech savvy than I am, put together some vid. Send it to all and sundry and of course post it on You Tube. Please, send me what you collect.

Get your storm gear out. We're in for an election, one that Harper has manufactured in spite of his promise not to.

O/T - In my promise to bring forward stories that don't tell us everything about the Con alternative to the Green Shift, this story deserves writing to the editor. In it's current format, there is no point, but once one or more of the papers picks it up, I will provide the information on where to write.


penlan said...

To be honest my mind is whirling & spinning from everything I have seen & read in the last 4 days.

The Cons are now completely transparent to me & many others. And what has been revealed is absolutely horrifying.

The attempted manipulation is beyond anything I have seen before. The lying, non-stop, twisting of facts & truth to suit their own perverted agenda is beyond a sane persons comprehension. It's completely abnormal.

In your OT link the boasting of Harper of himself & outright lies in reference to the Green Shift are appalling. I see perfectly what you are saying about the amendment to take the Ethics Committee's summonses & report to the House as "setting the stage" as proof of a non-functioning Parliament. To follow upon Harpers statements earlier in the day.

What a plot they wove. That takes a LOT of work & planning. And that is only one of many.

Such deviousness. It's evil. It truly is. It's all about them & nothing else. POWER. Mad & hungry for total POWER.

I agree with you. I think Harper will prorogue before next session. Too much has now been revealed of them & their underhanded ways & they want to put a stop to it before it gets worse. Before the entire public sees them for who they truly are.

God help us all. May they be obliterated in the next election.

knb said...

For we 'wonks' penlan, it's been a hell of ride.

We are few though. Most people are enjoying there summer, (that is if you don't live near TO. No more storms!). But really, people are going about their business and have no idea what is happening.

I live with a brilliant thinker. He has nary a clue each evening when we discuss this stuff. It drives me mad.

Seeing Van Dusen's clip I'm hoping that this will have some traction, but I've held that hope before.

We, us, need to push to make the point now.

To all. An election is going to happen and if you don't have money to send to the Lib's, then get the word out. We can win this, but we can't do it without effort.

penlan, take heart. What we've witnessed is appalling but now we have to sound bite it.

My hope is that people smarter than me will do that.

ottlib said...

Stephen Harper came out and trashed the Green Shift Plan again.

Woo hoo!

The Leader of the Government has again drawn attention to a policy put forward by the Leader of the Opposition. That is rarely ever a good thing for the party in government.

So, that means 7 weeks after its release The Green Shift Plan is still the political hot topic and it is so much so that Stephen Harper had to speak about it again today.

If The Plan is a central part of the next election that is bad news for the Conservatives because it will focus attention on their plan and its implications as well. That is not what the Conservatives want.

They want it focused on crime, taxes and the other issues where they believe they have the advantage. Instead, it looks like it will be focused on the environment and probably the economy. Two issues they would prefer not to talk about.

Throw in all of the scandals that have dogged the Conservatives in the last six months and you have the recipe for a tough election for the Conservatives.

knb said...

That's my hope ottlib.

It's going be a tough election.

Personally, I'd like to be done with these people once and for all.

Scandals are aplenty. That shouldn't be our sole focus, but the story must bbe told.

RuralSandi said...

I have the same trouble with my hubby - he knows he can't stand Harper, thinks he's dangerous, but doesn't pay much attention to the daily goings on.

Evil me...he was working in our garden tonight and I told when I call - come running. I put on the repeat of today's fiasco and when the Tory guys came on...called hubby in to watch. He couldn't believe what he saw.

He's going to relay what he did see to the folks on the train (he takes VIA to work) - get the word out and tell them if they want to see something truly amazing (to get their interest) watch videos and/or reruns of the Ethics Committee hearings.

Isn't there some ruling about committee members influencing witnesses?

RuralSandi said...

Found what I read on it - here's an excerpt:

We've all been told," Lowry said.

Liberal MP Derek Lee, an author of texts on parliamentary procedure and rules, said it would be a serious offence if the Conservative party did indeed advised witnesses they need not heed a summons.

"Overt discouragement of attendance of a witness who's been summoned would constitute basis for contempt," he said.

The Liberal chair of the ethics committee, Paul Szabo, said potential interference with witnesses "would be a matter which should be, or could be, subject to its own investigation."

Frankly Canadian said...

Let the electioneering begin! we as Canadians are starting to realize that we have let this band of junior lawyers get together and form a government with a party they hi-jacked to get there with. I had made a comment on a blog the other day which in turn started a dialog with a conservative troll. He had made a comment to the fact that he would rather have a country led by business/marketing/consulting type rather than educated professor/administrator/lawyer type.
My response was as follows:

Do not get me wrong "Old School" (A.K.A Old Fool), I was merely suggesting that it was odd that the level of education from the Liberal M.P.'s is much more extensive then that of the Conservative M.P.'s. You have given me a new project to work on tonight though, and yes I have found the results to be extremely interesting. The type of previous profession from some of the higher educated conservatives seems freakishly common to be of Law/ Lawyer background. Some of these previous Lawyers, and as you stated "who are lower than used car dealers", seem to be holding some pretty important offices for Canada. These former "used car dealers are as follows: Maxime Bernier, Vic Toews, Peter Van Loan, Peter McKay, Garry Lunn, Jim Flaherty, Jim Prentice. So I guess for once and I'm quite sure only once, I will have to agree with you that having a bunch of used car dealers running the country makes for a capricious situation. Incidentally does anyone know how many Pulitzer prizes Steven Harper has, as he has economist, lecturer, and writer on his resume? Thanks for the enlightenment "Old Fool" have a great day!

Yes I think Canadians want a change but not these people for that change! Incidentally I attended a open forum town hall meeting with Michael Ignatieff tonight in Kelowna and wow that was great! Mr. Ignatieff is an intelligent, straightforward, conscientious, and passionate man, who is obviously dedicated to his ethical obligations that leave this country and world a better place the future generations. The Liberal "Green Shift Plan" offers a prudent, sensible, pragmatic methods, while assisting and offering incentives for responsible stewardship behaviour. Thank you Michael for the wonderful discussion group, and I look forward to the up coming meeting with Bob Ray next week.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservatives' behaviour is so objectionable, surely the Liberal caucus could go to the trouble of showing up in Parliament to vote the government down on the many confidence votes that come down?

Isn't that the question we should all be asking?

Why is this not happening?

Anonymous said...

Bourque nails it with this headline: "KANGAROO COURT ETHICS COMMITTEE IN ANOTHER UPROAR"

That's what the Committee is, a kangaroo court.

Thank God that Bourque can be picked up in TO, otherwise people there wouldn't know what's going on, on.

RuralSandi said...

Anon: Bourque - are you kidding? He's paid by the Conservatives you fool.

Can you believe how naive and fooled some of the CON supporters are?

I'm beginning to think people need to do tests/exams as a requirement to vote.

Anonymous said...

"Lib. candidate resigns, again

By Robert Mangelsdorf - Maple Ridge News

Published: August 12, 2008 6:00 PM The Pitt Meadows–Maple Ridge–Mission federal Liberals have lost yet another candidate, after Parrissa Aujla stepped down from the post after receiving the party’s nomination in April.

Aujla, a Maple Ridge mom of three and owner of the Billy Miner Pub and Liquor Store with her husband, Am, accepted the nomination to represent the Liberal Party of Canada in the next federal election after the previous candidate, Rani Bellwood, pulled out in February."

With an election probably weeks, maybe days away, I think the Liberals should add the following clause to the nomination papers "I have really thought this through and will not reconsider my decision absent a death in the family."

penlan said...

Sheesh...the trolls are out in force here I see. Poor things. So deluded.

I made a point of making sure to watch The National on CBC last night as I was anticipating (wrong thing to do) a good, honest coverage of what happened at yesterday's Ethics Committee hearings.

I was shocked at what I saw.

It was prefaced with a short video & sound byte of Harper speaking of this supposed "dysfunctional, non-functional" Parliament. He's right, btw, but it HIS Party that is dysfunctional not the others.

The reporter, Rosemary Barton, then spoke of the "dysfunctional" Ethics Committee hearings, at the same time showing a vid of Paul Szabo with his voice raised & slightly angry, pointing his finger at whichever Con MP he was addressing & appearing as though he was the problem!

It then progressed to a short, quick sound byte & vid with Goldstein in which all that was heard was him saying "I came here as a witness, to give my testimony, & they won't even let me talk. They REFUSED to let me talk"!

There was no comment by the reporter that he did not come on the day he was scheduled to appear, that he just showed up & disrupted the proceedings, off & on, & was demanding to be heard & was being talked to frequently by A. Hamilton & I believe Gary Goodyear as well.

And that the committee had told him he could have his testimony taken later in the day. No mention that this action & behaviour was reminiscent of Doug Finley's earlier in the week. The same "game plan" as I put it.

None of these things were mentioned in this reporters report.

I was shocked. It was a complete & utter total misrepresentation of the facts. And why was Rosemary Barton doing this report when it was Julie van Dusen who was at the proceedings & knew exactly what had been transpiring there?

This is blatant skewing of the truth by the CBC!!! And completely biased. That really surprised me. It's an abomination & I am going to write an email to the CBC, more than once & in more than one contact area, to express my anger at what they did with this "news".

Did anyone else catch that segment? And what is your response to it?

*Notice*: Con trolls - don't bother with your 2 cents worth. You have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

Penlan, a word of advice - don't waste your breath. Haven't you heard? There's going to be an election.

penlan said...


Yes, I've heard there "might" be an election & I am eagerly awaiting it!

penlan said...

From todays Globe & Mail,
here's the header:

"Harper threatens election for Ottawa to 'function'

Warning comes after Tories fail to appear at ethics hearing"

And here's the link (if it takes it all to be able to work):

penlan said...

And from todays Star:

"Another day at `circus' on Hill

Second Conservative appears on the wrong date at ethics committee and bellows at MPs to be heard"


At least the print media is being more honest about this whole debacle.

knb, hope you don't mind my posting these headings & links at your site.

penlan said...

One more, an editorial in todays Star:

"Tories' tactics insult democracy"


The Cons are getting hammered in almost every single newspaper today & for me it is wonderful to see the truth, for a change, in the media.

penlan said...

Promise, this is the last one, & it's a corker!
From The Gazette in Quebec:

"Peevish Conservatives are soiling their own image"


Omar said...

Harper threatens election for Ottawa to 'function

Another day at `circus' on Hill

Tories' tactics insult democracy

Omar said...

jesus, I can't keep up with you..

Omar said...

Peevish Conservatives are soiling their own image

penlan said...

Omar, are now!

Gayle said...

"What makes all this particularly galling, and disappointing, is that the Conservatives won the last election largely because they promised a cleaner, more transparent government. The time has come for them to live up to those promises."

Something most of us have been saying for a while now.

penlan said...

Well this might explain why that short segment on CBC about the "non-functioning" Parliament & relating it to the report on the Ethics hearings:

From the National Post:

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for example, will receive $1.1 billion from the Tories this year, an increase of $133 million or 13.5 per cent compared to the last year under the Liberals."

Do I need to say more?