Thursday, May 28, 2009


We all knew what the plan was all along, didn't we? The Conservatives have had one plan and one plan only.

Their ideal scenario would be to be rid of the CBC entirely, but they don't have the courage to take such an issue face on...bad PR don't you know. So instead, they have been cowardly in their refusal to provide funding, hiding behind fictitious Heritage increases and denying bridge financing that would have at least prevented some of the carnage we are now seeing.

I saw recently that Stephen Taylor thought the Liberal line used in some previous advertising was old, stale, irrelevant. That line had to do with not recognising Canada when Harper was through with it.

The line is neither stale nor irrelevant. In fact, it's perhaps never been as poignant as it is at this moment in time.

I have no idea whether or not the Liberal party is at this moment in favour of an election, but I can tell you that with each passing day and the news that is coming out, I'm ready.

Much of the damage being done by this group of incompetent ideologues is reversible, but in my opinion, we are now at the point that some of these reversals are going to take some time and that time lost will have an impact that can't really be measured.

The intangibles...the loss of hope, the focus on everyone fending for themselves, the pitting of group against group and region against region...all of these things and many more take a long time to reverse and their effect permeates beyond the obvious, only to become clear much further down the road.


Cari said...

It is criminal what they are doing to CBC and to selling CANDU..they have gone mad with fire sales to Crown Corporations.
I would like an election too, but I feel this is one awful time. The Bloc and the NDP don't want one.
Everyday this government lasts, I could cry, and cry.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when ALL media and ALL TV stations are suffering the downturn due to lack of advertising that somehow the CBC's problem is the Conservatives?

They did not get any taxpayer funding cuts. Their management spends like drunken sailors on $3,000 per night suites at Cannes for example and somehow the decline in ad revenues is Harper's fault?

Give you head a shake.

RuralSandi said...


Harper appoints a Cons supporter and donator as head of CBC.

...CBC loses Hockey Night in Canada song to CTV.
....CBC execs overspend under the watch of the Conservative head of CBC - making people angry - creating excuses to get rid of CBC.
....CTV crying poor mouth (hoping for a subsidy), yet spends money on a new studio for the 24/7 news.
....CTV has become increasingly more conservative in their leanings.
....constantly bombarded with ads during shows and yet CTV claim to not have enough advertising revenue.

KNB said...

Cari, the NDP can't afford the negative PR that would arise if they supported the government. The Bloc on the other hand has some improving numbers in Quebec, so their election resistance could soften.

Time will tell.

KNB said...

Anon, yea, that's what I said. It's the governments fault that ad revenue is declining.

Sigh. Harper really should increase spending in literacy in Conservative regions.

KNB said...

lol Sandi. CTV seems to have a sole source revenue stream at the moment.

Tomm said...


The CBC has caused its own demise.

It is badly managed. They seem to have no idea how to do their business. Don't forget that they will pay large sums of money to re-broadcast foreign soaps to 1% of Canadians. They will also ditch their hockey anthem on a management whim.

It is elitest. It has a Crystal Tower in the middle of their Canada (i.e. Toronto) and sees itself as an unassailable repository of all Canadian's tax dollars. It does not feel a need to earn the money, only to spend it. And spend it as those in the Crystal Star Chamber wish it spent.

They no longer have cultural value. There are Canadian and local media outlets throughout Canada that do the exact same thing CBC does. And do it with greater value (Corner Gas v. Little Mosque). They are no longer cultural glue binding this country together. That model and that rationale for the CBC existance has long since gone to bed. I should qualify my answer that there is still a place for CBC radio and still a place for a northern voice.

The CBC actively picks favourites, and has been a cause of regional gulfs. Let's not talk about the present government. However it was CBC that helped promote the elitism of the last 40 years. CBC actively made westerners seem like morons and buffoons to the rest of Canada during the flowering of the Reform Party. (Not without a little help from the LPC)

CBC remains an active voice in ensuring cynicism, political superficiality, and lack of national trust from French Quebecers. Without the CBC promoting negative stereotypes, separatism would never have been received as a cause with academic, cultural, and inter-generational roots. The French CBC promoted the clash as a clash of equals.

You can debate the fact that the CBC is not getting what it wants. You can show proof of political tampering. You can even prove the obvious disdain by the CPC. But none of that recognizes the real reason for CBC's plight. It is self inflicted. The CBC has precious little left to give Canadian's.

Let's set a price and offer it up to David Miller and Pauline Marois to put in a joint bid.

Then sell it to them.