Monday, May 25, 2009

I Think The Deficit Will be This High

Is there anyone left in this country that actually takes this man seriously?

Yes, I know forecasting of this nature is predicated on a myriad of factors, but this government and this Minister specifically, have been so colossally wrong each and every step of the way, I can't look at the man without bursting out laughing.

From predicting a surplus, to insinuating there may be a small deficit, to oops, there will be a big deficit, to OMG, it's going to be really, really, big, how on earth does the Conservative party have the gall to tell Canadians, nay the World, that they are 'model' fiscal managers?

Even if you factor in the unpredictability, it's the manner in which this government comes out and announces the most ludicrous statements time after time. Didn't Harper campaign on a kind of 'read my lips' basis? Did he not tell everyone that there would be no deficit?

The Conservatives ability to pull the wool over Canadians eyes must surely be waning. After all, how much wool is there in a blue sweater vest?


RuralSandi said...

Not much wool left - full of moth holes by now.

Anonymous said...

Where is all the money going..not too fast getting it out for did they figure out the deficit, which will be bigger than Mulroney's