Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spin Cycle

What is Dimitri Soudas doing at the Liberal Convention? Based on this story, he's desperately looking for something to spin.

While there is no certainty to where things are going in this country politically, I think it's fair to say that things are not exactly going in the Conservatives favour at the moment. So what do you do when your opponent is gaining on you? I mean, what do you do when you are Conservative? Find something to distort of course.

This story is just one of many that the Conservatives will be spinning. Oh and the NDP too of course. If you've been following, they are here too and believe me, the Conservatives have no monopoly on pretzel making, if you get my drift.

As I wrote this post Nick Nanos was speaking on CPAC and it's not an exaggeration to say that he thinks these are troubled times for the poor Conservatives.



Anonymous said...

I saw him on Power Play yesterday, and he said that "The Liberals are here worrying about partisan politics, while the Conservatives are in Ottawa worrying about getting people their jobs", etc.

Then what are you doing in Vancouver, Dimitri?

This guy is such a tool.

RuralSandi said...

I was flipping around the TV to get the different spins.

This one made me laugh. Jason Kenney, when asked about Chretien's speech, said Chretien when criticizing Harper at the G20 had potty mouth. I nearly fell off my chair. The (Susan Bonner) didn't seem to notice, but I thought, does Kenney realize how silly and funny his remark was - c'mon when Chretien was talking about the missing PM at the photo-op do you think Mr. Kenney that's the time to be saying potty mouth?

With him - Ann McGrath with all her fingers and toes counting how many times the Libs voted with the Cons. Good grief - the NDP better come up with new material.

sjw said...

Dimitri Soudas is a young, crass punk on par with Pierre Poilievre.

In more important news...Don Newman is set to retire?


ottlib said...

Modern politics is all about spin.

Knowing I would regret it I watched both Newsworld and Newsnet this morning to see their coverage of the convention.

When they had their reporters tell the story of the convention both spun more than informed.

For the love of cheesecake I really do not care about Susan Bonner's opinions on the acclamation of Mr. Ignatieff as Liberal leader. Especially since her opinions just parroted the general media narrative. If she would have had an original thought then I might have been more impressed.

It is no wonder news organizations in this country are finding it difficult to maintain their viewers and readership. When political junkies like myself turn them off because of their insistance on infotainment over information I can only imagine what someone not like me would do.

The problem with these folks is they seem to have forgotten that their audience does not live on or near Wellington Street in Ottawa. They really do not care about the inside baseball stuff. They just want to be informed about what is happening in their country and with their government.

The MSM is failing to do that in a spectacular fashion yet they are wondering why less and less people are watching their news programs or reading their newspapers.

Their collective stupidity is breathtaking.

RuralSandi said...

Ottlib - you have a point. The voice of the people is what journalism/newspapers are supposed to be (first one established in North American in Quebec City 400 years ago).

Inform the people - only a couple of journalists do. Greg Weston has come up with some stuff lately.

I won't pay for partisan neverending opinion by the media. Non-partisan - stick to the important facts and you might get my money.

sjw said...

And Susan Bonner will likely be CBCs replacement choice on Politics once Newman retires.

There goes my weekday 6pm viewing fixture.

KNB said...

Hi all. Good points on the coverage and I'll be anxious to here more from you all on how it was covered here.

Being there and being accredited, I was able to listen and watch the same pressers etc. that they did, so I have some observations that I'll post this week.

sassy said...

And Susan Bonner will likely be CBCs replacement choice on Politics once Newman retires. ????? really

KNB said...

I'm not so sure it will be Susan. Chris Hall seems a more likely choice to me.

KNB said...

btw, for the record, I think it's tragic that Newman is leaving. He has a memory of events that few do.

Maybe if we have an election, we could postpone his leaving? ;).