Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks Steve!

Well it seems that the master of tactics, or strategy, depending on your view, may be learning the lesson of 'unintended consequences'.

You see, though his spokespeople deny it, his office officially launched the negative ad campaign yesterday. Yes I know, it's been written that this is all about the party and not the government, but that's nonsense. Kory Teneyke and Dimitri Soudas were the ones who announced the campaign to the media, period, end of story.

Here's the fun part though. Contributions to the Liberal party are flowing in as a result. One source said that they'd had the best response ever from the e-mail I referred to in my previous post and Marlene Jennings had this to say tonight:

The Conservatives may have actually done us Liberals a favour by running their negative ads as it's helped our fundraising! Money is starting to pour in as Canadians are rejecting Harper's old-style politicking.

She went on to state what many of us know to be true and that is that people aren't interested in the nonsense anymore.

Conservatives should be using their energy to get the infrastructure financing out the door to maintain jobs and create new ones. They should be making employment insurance accessible to the tens of thousands of Canadians who've lost their jobs or will shortly and who won't qualify for E.I. Under the current rules instead of spending it conducting focus groups and making useless negative ads!

Indeed they should be, but here we are, again. Watching the Conservatives do the only thing they know how to do well and that is attack in an effort to maintain power and divert attention from their failings.

It won't happen often, but tonight I say, thanks Steve! Who would of thunk that you'd be such an asset in filling our coffers?

If you heard someone denounce the nonsense today, send them here.


Dame said...

I donated /again / on top of my regulars.. I need to shed a few pounds anyway so I am on diet......lololol

Nasty Harper just can't do ANYTHING else but smear and bully this is his element ..sick to the bone.!!

Anonymous said...

Since when does "infrastructure spending" create jobs?
Maybe in the 1930's, but there is not much bang for your buck - I'm surprised to see so many politicians jump on that bandwagon...

Congrats on the Liberal fund raising...

KNB said...

Well done Marta, though don't give up the good stuff!

Indeed that is who Harper is. Kind of fun to see this backlash, no?

KNB said...

cwtf, new construction projects will require new hires won't they? That's creating jobs that weren't there.

It may not create new industry if that is what you are getting at, but it could if it was well directed.

I'm not certain it's sincere, (I hope it is) but I thank you for your kudos on the fundraising.

Anonymous said...

KNB - fundraising was sincere.

Knock of infrastructure spending to stimulate the economy also sincere - it does not work.

penlan said...

The ad is definitely bombarding the airwaves. Last night while watching different Cdn TV channels I saw it 6 times in the space of an hour & a half. That costs big bucks! Keep spending your money coffers Harper - til you have nothing left to campaign on.

And what a load of tripe in the ad, as we know. Wonderful to hear that it's causing people to donate even more to the Libs! Harper's done!

RuralSandi said...

Harper is just not a with it guy. If he paid attention, Obama won partially because he kept above all that nonsense from the GOP. He hit back but didn't resort to misleading nastiness. Remember how they tried to portray Obama as not American, a socialist, a Muslim....people were obviously worried and sick and tired of the attack nonsense.

As I understand it, part of the problem with the NDP in B.C. was playing the negative attack game.

Times they are a changing folks.

Harper really needs to get out of the l950's mode.

On the stimulus - it will help if it ever gets out there. I just had my roof done and didn't have to wait. The guy who did it has been in business for himself for years and years. He's a finish carpenter, home renovations, Mr. Fix It and he's really good. He said it's been really tough this year - not getting the call for quotes and he's worried.

KNB said...

That's too bad Sandi. I thought that business was up with the rebates, fed and provincial.

Keep an eye out for nails, lol. The last time we had a roof done I was finding them for a year!

RuralSandi said...

This guy has a neat tool - it looks like a push mower and is magnetic. He pushes it around and picks up the nails.

In fact, he cleans up really well. He built our new deck last year and not one bit of mess left. He really is talented.

KNB said...

Clever. That tool should be mandatory equipment, ;).