Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a Thought

Just a thought for our increasingly inept government. When your Minister of Defense says one thing, then your Foreign Affairs Minister...oops strike that, the Foreign Affairs department contradicts that, you'd probably be better served to have this situation clarified by someone other than Deepak Obhrai.
I mean seriously. This government has looked like the gang who couldn't shoot straight many times, but Foreign Affairs and all it entails has really suffered. Mr. Obhrai may have his talents, but providing clarity isn't one of them. This is the same Parliamentary Secretary that gets up day after day in the House, mumbling the same inane script as it applies to Khadr, Abdelrazik and anyone other Canadian that is not deemed worthy by this government to be returned to Canada.
Obhrai was on QP today. Too his unacknowledged embarrassment, he was on a panel with Bob Rae and Paul Dewar. Say what you will if you are not a Rae supporter, the man knows this and every other Foreign Affairs file, inside and out. Obhrai did nothing more than read notes and sound muddled, as usual.
While it's tempting to urge the government to keep sending this man out there so Canadians have a clearer picture of who is in charge, I confess that I really do worry about the inept perception we must be creating out there.


WesternGrit said...

I like Bob... (didn't support him in the leadership). He doesn't just know the file... (he probably has never even read it). He simply is a learned fellow, who has the "general knowledge" and intellectual smarts to know what is going on in the world around him.

While "ordinary Joe Citizen" may need to read a file (certainly most of Harper's government would), there are many talented, intellectual, and cerebral Liberals who are able to talk on a topic without missing a beat - and without tutoring or much file reading/digestion. Bob is among the best... a Rhodes Scholar, not without reason... He's a great "ying" to Iggy's "yang"...

Anonymous said...

Obhrai lived in Kenya. He was an air traffic controller there -- very busy airport, Nairobi, at least a dozen planes a day. I'd think he is just as qualified to be foreign affairs spokesman as MacKay is to be Defence Minister or Harper to be PM.

wilson said...

I have difficulty understanding Obhrai, I guess it is the low tone voice (ok mumble).
He is not a Minister, just holding down the fort until PMSH gets Pakistan and India on the same page re: arms trade

Rae out shines MI, on most every file.

RuralSandi said...

I was not a Rae supporter, but he does know his foreign affairs stuff. You see, that's what you get when you have a caucus with an education and international exposure - capable people. Considering the volatile times around the world, this has to be one of the most important part of government right now.

It's not just about Ignatieff - Management and Leadership 101 - "delegation" of responsibilities and having very qualified people you can trust.

Harper has none of that. Inept caucus and cabinet and a leader who thinks he can do it all but is inept himself.