Sunday, July 23, 2006

Foreign Policy Shift

I'm really concerned about the unilateral decision by Harper to shift our foreign policy. Doesn't this deserve some debate?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. His agenda has been too reduce government's role to the basics, leaving the more 'pedestrian' issues to the provinces.

I guess the issue isn't that he has a hidden agenda, the issue is it's been in plain view, but too few Canadians understand or have been given an explanation of it's implications.


Anonymous said...

It is far too simplistic to hang the title "terrorist". Canada has had a 2 nation policy in the middle east for decades. HArper has shifted our role from neutral peace broker to backing Israel. Surely, Harper can find a less costly brutal way to suck up to the Montreal jewish community.

Karen said...

I suspect that Harper had little choice but to capitulate, re' the G8 concensus.

He jumped the gun by using his 'measured' comment. At the time that he said that, Israel had already targetted the civilian infrastructure. It's clear where he stands and this has not been our position in the past.

We may have been a small player in the Middle East, but we were able to act in a diplomatic fashion. his stance shifts that.

What if, through NATO, we're asked to man/guard the 'buffer zone' will the surrounding nations, (Israel excluded), react?

We're walking toward a dangerous place, in my opinion.

wilson said...

What has changed since 2004 ???:

PM (Paul Martin) speaks at inaugural Israel advocacy conference.

"I want to let you know that in Canada we will not, nor will we ever, waiver in our support of Israel," said the prime minister to a standing ovation. "We believe strongly and incontrovertibly in Israel's right to protect itself from people bent on destroying it."

About a year ago, Owen and about two dozen other Liberal MPs formed Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, which is now an official caucus committee.
Along with Owen, other cabinet members who belong to the pro-Israel group include Ontario MPs Joe Volpe , Carolyn Bennett and Jim Peterson .
"I have not heard one thing in three years [from other Liberal MPs] that would contradict the thrust of [the committee's views on Israel]," Owen said. "It's not as if there is an acrimonious debate, or any debate, going on."

Karen said...

wilson61, Martin said we would not waiver in our support. We haven't. He did not say, we'll give Israel a blank cheque to proceed indescrimanently.

I understand your desire to support Israel and respect your right to your opinion. I just think you're conflating two issues.

One is Israel's rights, the other is the right's of the Lebanese people. Not hezbollah...the Lebanese people.