Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our "Man of the Year" has no clout

It would seem that Harper did have an impact at the recent NATO meeting. Sadly it's not the one we wanted.

h/t: Far and Wide, Time article.


wilson said...

Seeing as Dion is a citizen of France, maybe he can pull some strings!

Karen said...

Funny, but not cute.

Seriously wilson, are you okay with this?

wilson said...

You have to take France at it's word. France's Special forces have been there since 2003.
But on the face of this report (who knows if all the facts are here, are they over committed?) it doesn't look good for NATO.
But it is no reflection on any one leader or country. France is France. The decision is theirs to make.

''France said the decision to pull the special forces troops, based in the southeastern city of Jalalabad, didn't indicate a weakening of its support for the mission in Afghanistan.

"There is a general reorganization of our [troops]," Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said''

Nicole said...

KNB, I know you are not really celebrating Christmas this year, but I wanted to still drop in and Wish you a Merry Christmas and i hope 2007 brings you, much happiness and good health.