Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who saw this coming?

Perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention to the Quebec election, but I did not expect, this.


Stephen K said...

Yes, that is surprising. I'm not a big Dumont fan, especially because of his social conservatism, but that is interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is posturing.

Dumont needs to do the Bourassa thing. Hold a gun to Harper's head, revive the demands of the Allaire commission, and encourage Charest to make a deal with Harper. If this deal falls short (as expected), then Dumont can collapse the Charest government and call for a future sovereignty referendum under a ADQ mandate.

Karen said...

I would agree that it's posturing, but I think it is dangerous posturing.

Harper needs no gun to his head to open things up again to change them to his liking.

I'm no fan of Dumont either Stephen. He seems to be a study of contradictions. I think his newly elected members are too green for there to be any immediate damage, but I suppose that remains to be seen.

Karen said...

Interesting Ed, thank you.

I wonder if this will fade away or just gain momentum. I saw Dion's reaction, but have heard nothing from the Conservatives as yet.