Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You Read In the Paper

How many times today did you hear that Dion hasn't mentioned the Green Shift in two days? It's absolute nonsense, untrue and yet another example of the press creating a false narrative.

I confess, when I first saw the headline today I was more than troubled. I was shaking my head and saying whaat the hell!?

Then I re-listened to the tape on CPAC this afternoon and while I only came in part way, I heard him mention the Green shift twice.

So right off the bat, the headline and the manner in which many stories are being reported are wrong. No, more than wrong. They are lies. Why are they trying to destroy this man, should be the question?

From day one they ran with the narrative that the Con's put out and they have amplified it. The government that wanted/wants, nothing to do with them, the press, they mirror! It's incredible but it's happened.

Robert Fife of CTV tried to nail Dion at this afternoon's scrum by framing his question something like this.

You've always said that the Green Shift was the (inaudible so it may have been the word central) plank of your platform.

Dion responded with, you've said that, not me. He went on to explain that the Green Shift was the foundation.

To build a solid house, you need a solid foundation. I've said the Green Shift is important and it's important for Canada, but it's not the only part of our platform and not all we have to offer.

Note. I'm paraphrasing.

He also said that all his announcements, including yesterday's infrastructure announcement, was based on green principles, as was the farming announcement that he made today. Components of the Green Shift are applied in both announcements, but it's not everything.

You know what really tick's me off? Last week the media was screaming that Dion has to bring out the team (which was always the plan) and ditch the Green Shift. This week their inaccurate narrative is that he is following their former narrative and isn't that terrible! Bizarre doesn't begin to explain this.

I guess the name of the game for the press following these tours is to make themselves relevant. Newsflash....the election is not about CTV or CBC or Canadian Press. This is dangerous stuff and how we've allowed this is more than concerning.

Seriously people, we have a problem here. Our democracy has a problem here.

I know there is angst out there among Liberal supporters and perhaps some of it is deserved, but I ask that you consider the source of what raised your temperature and measure that with what is true.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone has expressed what I have been seeing since Dion was chosen leader. Harper and his ilk make the snowballs and CTV and to a lesser extent, CBC, throw them and throw them and throw them.The MSM repeat continuously, Dion is not a leader or is a weak leader but cannot sum up the will to take Harper to task for one of his many lies. Whenever I hear someone commenting on Dion and they repeat the same mantra, I immediately know they get their information from TV and cannot think for themselves.
Not only do the media mislead and misinform but they out and out lie
and will continue to do so as long as we let them. I no longer watch CTV because of the Tory bias. Mike Duffy, Bob Fife, Jane Taber and Craig Oliver are a disgrace. They spin and spin and spin and think we are all swallowing it whole.They should be made aware that they do this at their peril. The internet is a good alternative
source for information and polls show that more and more people are
using it.
Dion is a threat to someone, most likely big oil and the big companies, thus, his many enemies. He was not the choice of the establishment and he never will be. Never in my life have I seen a politician treated so shabbily, after the Clarity Act and then again now. If we let Dion slip by and elect Harper again, we will get what we deserve, courtesy of a woefully uninformed electorate, a pathetic MSM with an agenda and our apathy.

Karen said...

If we let Dion slip by and elect Harper again, we will get what we deserve

Anon, you said it far better than I did.

Thank you.

ottlib said...

The MSM in this country lost my respect a long time ago.

However, in the past 5 years they have earned my contempt.

I refuse to pay for news any more. I do not buy newspapers or news magazines. I do not watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio.

I keep myself informed by internet where all of their advertizing is lost on me because I refuse to follow links on any of their sites.

As much as possible I try not to pay to keep myself informed. Now if more Canadians would do the same maybe they would sit up and take notice and change the way they do things.

wilson said...

'Last week the media was screaming that Dion has to bring out the team (which was always the plan)'

Yes, it was, and I was surprised when the Team stayed home.
At first I thought the strategy was for Dion to go toe to toe with Harper, to build up the leadership thing.
It was reported today that Rae & Iggy were out canvassing for future leadership votes, in that first week.

knb, Dion is the sacrificial lamb.
He was against a carbon tax, someone talked him into it.
Iggy campaigned for leader on a carbon tax.

Demosthenes said...

What's incredible is not so much that the media tried to trip up Dion. The disparity between a conservative media and a liberal population is one of the oddest things about the country.

No, what's incredible is that it was the generally-progressive Toronto Star that pushed that headline. One wonders if they're in the tank for the NDP.

(What's also incredible is that Warren The Media Critic appears uninterested in dissecting this.)

Karen said...

ottlib, that is going to take some time.

Karen said...

wilson, that's your script and one that the media is following.

It's not reality.

Anonymous said...

George Carlin sums it up nicely:

Karen said...

Demosthenes, Kinsella? He like other cast aways are popular with right wing media.

He's on CFRB in TO weekly and on CTV often. Stephen LeDrew is another one.

They seem to be the token Lib's that networks want. Fill the seat and make it look balanced.

It's all theatric's and nonsense, sadly.

penlan said...

The MSM was complaining that all Dion talked about was the Green Shift. Now that he is talking about other things, & STILL the Green Shift, they can only focus on that he isn't talking (as much) about it & still don't report what Dion IS talking about.

It's ridiculous. And you are right, knb, Harper & his almost 2 yrs. of negative, lying ads against Dion
have deeply impacted the press & the country.

But I do see see the Libs slowly rising in some of the polls & think this will continue.

Interestingly, I was talking with the receptionist at my Dr.'s yesterday. She is a born-again Christian & well-networked in this area. It's highly Christian here. She said that all the people she knew had voted Con in the last election & NONE of them were going to vote Con this time around. They are disappointed in Harper, big time, & that the majority would be voting Liberal as they do not care for the other choices.

So who knows how many other smaller to medium communities across the country are doing the same thing. Here's hoping!

OT - I haven't been able to post to my blog this week as I've been really busy doing volunteer work for my local Lib candidate, Sandra Gardiner, in Perth-Wellington. There are more Libs out this way than I realized. :)

RuralSandi said...

I wrote to Duffy last year about his Tory bias...he was angry and shot back a copy of an email that proved he wasn't...the email was one sent to "CPC" people and I emailed back and showed more comment.

Duffy show:

Oliver, Fife, Duffy always trying to play down Harper's mishaps, etc.

Radio Talk jocks - all conservatives, except Michael Harris who is an NDP'r.

Always pitting the other party strategists againt he Liberals.

na.. Mike, your not Tory.

Oh, and constant Harper ads - none from the other parties.

Oh, and that soft and fuzzy interview of Harper by Lloyd Robertson.

And, to add insult to injury....Coyne pointed out that ALL stations get a certain amount of funding by the government...CTV, Global, etc.

So, if my taxpayer dollars are helping these stations, I think I have a right to an unbiased program.

Start writing them folks. It's pathetic.

When the discussion about May being in the debates, Coyne pointed this out:

MORE: What’s particularly galling is that every one of the players who made this entirely self-interested decision are funded in whole or in part on the public dime: the political parties, the CBC and Radio-Canada, but also Global, CTV and TVA, who make off with massive implicit and explicit subsidies. They’re conspiring against the public interest, on the public’s dime!

Demosthenes said...

RuralSandi: that's why it's important for Canadian liberals and progressives to work to build a real netroots. The media clearly is shifting to the right, dramatically so, and some sort of response is certainly warranted.

wilson said...

''Oliver, Fife, Duffy always trying to play down Harper's mishaps, etc.''

Huh? wall to wall Ritz for 3 days, every union guy, medical journal editor, family of the victums that will step up to the mic has been on Duffy. Oliver has taken this on with a vengence.
Proclaiming Rits will be dumped. Harper has no choice! People died. People died. People died.

As partisans, we all accept the negatives about the other guy as fact and real and unbiased.
But when our side get's it, it's unfair and lies and biased.

Truth is, the media has aggressively attacked both sides, trying to get the scoop.
The media has been relatively fair in reporting it as it comes out.

Tho I do think Craig Oliver has reached his best before date, thinking himself a political advisor.
He rants about getting the Team out, ditch the GS. When it happens and there is a fallout, he switches sides.
And that is definitely not professional.
Shut the hell up Craig.

And yes, don't believe everything you read in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, don't believe everything you read in the paper. Sadly a great part of Canadians only source for news depend on TV & the media. I trust the majority of them will recognize BS when they see it.

Considering that there are 14+ million baby boomers who have over 9 million who do vote, Thankfully they will be the ones who will determine who the next PM of Canada will be. These Boomers are not as gullible as the under 50 group who are more apt to fall for the Lies of Harper, promoted by our scandalous Media in refusing to report fair unbiased stories. The boomers have lived through some pretty rough times under different PM's & they are quick to recognize the BS spun by the governments & the Media. What is so appalling is that the Media is so obviously partisan in that they do not even try to hide their partisan views. An example is how they keep ignoring to print ALL of Mr. Dions polices he has delivered since the writ was dropped on Sept 8th. When they do their reporting, they continually twist Dions words by ignoring to print the whole statement & just report parts of what they WANT Mr. Joe Public to read.

As anyone yet read this report by David Olive in the Toronto Star; News Media abetting 'carnival of lies'

All one has to do is insert Harpers name for McCain & Obama's for Dion to see how the media manipulates the political agendas to the public. Sad that they are so powerful & can get away with it.

PS, I do not like to post as anonymous but it seems that's the only way I can on these blogs.


Omar said...

But, 14+ million baby boomers (who I am certain are not all progressives) who have over 9 million that do vote, are about to offer their (mine included) vote to three different political parties. The fly in the proverbial ointment for the Liberals. With progressive Canadians so divided baby boomers may very well determine who the next PM of Canada is and unfortunately that may be Harper.