Friday, November 28, 2008

Stephen's Bad Err Day

Watching Harper issue his talking points to his followers this evening, I was struck by just how panicked he looked. Gone is that bravado that he so loves to flaunt. This was a man who knew he'd made a mistake and is in danger of losing the job he believes he deserves.

That said, the country is in for a hell of a ride this week. Be prepared to be bombarded with ads, e-mail and if you can stomach it, talk radio on steroids. What Harper telegraphed tonight was that he is at war and as is his custom, he will take no prisoners. It's interesting really to see just how flummoxed he is that his tactic didn't work. I suppose arrogance does that to you. When you believe you are above it all, it must be quite a shock to feel the ground shifting under your feet.

So, he will delay what was in the public domain today for a week, in an effort to get his troops out there, spreading fear and lies in the hope that the country will rally to his cause. His base will rally of course and if you've wandered over to the BT's recently you'll take my point. I've already heard John Baird and Ezra telling us that either Jack Layton or Bob Rae will be the new Finance minister in a Dion led government. It's not a factual statement, but that's never stopped them in the past. Anyway, they said this prospect, terrifies them and it should terrify every Canadian out there! It's difficult not to laugh while listening to these particular attack dogs bloviate, isn't it? In fact, I was certain that I heard a chuckle from the host on the radio tonight.

I think we can anticipate that everything and everyone will be considered fair game by these guys. We know they have no respect for Parliament, so their attacks will go on about the illegitimacy of a coalition government and I wouldn't be surprised to hear the occasional, coup, thrown in there. It will be framed as being undemocratic which, when you consider what they were trying to pass and how they have behaved since first being elected, well it's beyond ironic.

In the end, I think they could harm their cause more than help it though. You see, to my mind the Conservatives have this bad habit of believing that everyone thinks the way they do. The bubble they keep themselves in prevents them from understanding that their 'take' on a situation is not how most people view things. Furthermore, in making such assumptions, they fail to realise that as they insult the Liberal party or the other opposition parties, they are insulting their supporters as well. Not a very clever way to bring people around.

So, be prepared for a campaign this week. It won't speak to making parliament work, because they clearly didn't hear that message on October 14th. Nor is it likely to feature a sweater vest of any colour. No, we will witness something that perhaps we've not seen before for any extended period of time and that is the full wrath of Stephen Harper when he has been crossed.

Buckle up! It's going to be an interesting ride.


ottlib said...

I have been stating for a long time that the Liberals need to make Mr. Harper mad. When he is mad that "blue sweater vest" facade comes crumbling down and we are left with the true Stephen Harper. You know the one that turned Canadians off so badly that they only gave him a very weak minority government in 2006 when any other Leader of the Opposition would have swept the country.

All that being said the Liberals have to be careful. If they fall into the trap of appearing too partisan in the coming week they will give Mr. Harper an out.

Karen said...

ottlib, to be honest, I'm fine if all the opposition accomplishes is a major change to the financial update. If we get action on that, Harper will be governing from a very different place.

A coalition would bring it's own problems, but indeed that may still be the end result.

Harper may have given himself a week, but he gave us time too. We have time to get this right and to keep our eye on the economic ball.

As for being too partisan, I think the party has to be careful, but the rest of us can have at it, ;).

Anonymous said...

This was actually mistake #2. Mistake #1 was to cut off $40M in arts funding and hoping it would give him a boost.

This thing is over. The only thing remaining is to get Iggy's head out of his tone-deaf arse. He still thinks he is running in a leadership race - what an imbecile!

Karen said...

Anon, I actually think he's made more than 2 errors and that's what I meant about having a tin ear. These two rank right up there though.

I know that Ignatieff referred to the race today, but what else could he say? I'm pretty sure he is being well informed as to what is or isn't happening. That would go for Rae too.

Has anyone heard a peep out of LeBlanc yet? Puzzling.

WesternGrit said...

This thing can't stop now. If we back off, the Cons will introduce the party funding thing later on, and we will end up with the opposition having to defeat the government over that issue alone...

It will get ugly, but we need to fight back. 67% of the Country didn't vote Conservative, and now they are ALL uniting together to overthrow Harper who is only a small angry minority. Canadians are speaking through their MPs - which is the way a Parliamentary democracy works. This is not the American Republic - where the President rules... The elected MPs ARE THE PEOPLE, and they are speaking.

Karen said...

I'm not suggesting that we back off in the least.

If however Harper and co. capitulate and actually bring in a meaningful package, I'm not sure how we'd convince the people, let alone the GG.

You do have a point about the funding being brought back at a later date though.

At any rate, I don't think Harper has it in him to back down like that. He's flipped on a number of issues lately but tonight's statement would be tough to stand down from.

MD said...

I think Harper has realised he has overplayed his hand, and will spend the week crafting a compromise on the economic statement. A Lib/NDP coalition would be complicated enough without also requiring Bloc support, and without PM Dion being undermined by other Liberals eyeing a leadership change.

The media blitz, however, is coming anyways. The Cons have money and are pretty adept at "messaging". There will be a feeling across the country by week's end that there is something vaguely undemocratic about changing government without an election, despite the fact that its quite in keeping with our Westminster system of government.

wilson said...

'Has anyone heard a peep out of LeBlanc yet? Puzzling.'

Maybe he can't stomach the thoughts of sitting beside Finance Minister Layton,
or the corp tx cuts Dion just negotiated away,
or the extra cash Dion just promised Duceppe, so he went into hiding.

BTW, Harper put 3 poison pills in the update. He's serious.

wilson said...

Just incase you haven't bothered to notice,
76% (72 out of 95) of the seats West and North of Ontario, went Conservative.
After this Coalition of the Entitled coup, any change in that number will not be in you favour, next election.

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - give it a rest. You chime in on every "Liberal" conversation on the blogosphere. Go back to your partisan conservatives - they'd love your nonsense.

Wilson - we have a Constitution and Harper can pontificate all he wants, but this isn't the US. He didn't not win the hearts of the majority of Canadians and he'll have to grow up and learn to play well with others.

In fact, the opposition parties together represent the majority of Canadians.

Harper has continued to pay games, insult and bully - that's not his job. He should get away from the game board and start to govern - like real man and a real leader that gives a damn about Canadians instead of ideological power.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they cute bringing out words like "coup", especially after years on undermining democracy and openness in government at every level....

RuralSandi said...

KNB - did you say Bad Hair Day, oh, Bad Herr Day, oh sorry, you meant bad error day.

Karen said...

MD, I just hope we have a lot of constitutional experts tapped into by the media, setting the record straight.

Karen said...

wilson: Maybe he can't stomach the thoughts of sitting beside Finance Minister Layton,
or the corp tx cuts Dion just negotiated away,
or the extra cash Dion just promised Duceppe, so he went into hiding.

I don't know where you and yours come up with this stuff but it's precisely the kind of nonsense that no thinking individual would consider credible.

Oh, I just answered my own question didn't I.

As to the 3 poison pills, you're simply confirming that Harper was serious about playing political games and couldn't care less about the real issues, but most of us knew that already.

As to your seat count, changes came because Harper lied and said that he'd take care of the economy and failing industries in those regions. Good luck with that.

Karen said...

c_wtf, the amount of projecting employed by this group is truly a marvel.

Karen said...

Sandi, ;).

Dame said...

I thought I Could sleep and take detox measures after the last election ... last year was really draing politically I am sure others were in the same Tune ... and what I am waking up to???

The EMP-ERROR lost his mind...Unbelivable but true how could he be soooooo stupid, utterly arrogant and dumb.???

I am Hoping this time the opposition parties get it and make a decent progressive Teamwork
and snuff this guy out of Power