Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Coward - Unfit for Office

Do you still recognise Canada? It became a little murkier today and having heard the PM, his appointed attack dogs and sycophants, it's clear to me that he is not about to change course for anyone.

A precedent was established today and while I have no way of knowing whether or not Michaelle Jean had but one choice, or chose the lesser of 2 evils, it matters not at this point. The country is now different and Harper managed to get away with turning his back on a long established democratic practice. He avoided a vote of confidence in the House because it did not serve his political agenda.

What Harper accomplished today should suggest that he is done. It should all add up to his days as PM being numbered and following that, he should be out of politics for good. However, we all know that Harper manipulates the system in ways we've not seen before, indeed perhaps in ways we never expected and maybe that is how he has gotten away with as much as he has. He's has taken so many turns in his quest to change this country, it's difficult to determine what direction he will now take to achieve his end. One think is clear however. He will continue to strive for his goal, in whatever way he can. He was emboldened today, that much was obvious. To believe that he will now play the game straight is beyond naive.

Media are trying to tell us that he will play it fairly straight though and of course they are pouncing all over the coalition and proclaiming it's demise because of a few ill advised comments by some of it's members. I know there are polls out tonight that would underscore their proclamations and while I dismiss nothing at this point, I think it is too soon to accede to the media's reading of the tea leaves.

What is being missed is the anger and frustration that brought the coalition together in the first place. Consider where those emotions lie on a scale of 1 to 10 right now. Having not seen the desired result today with the decision of the GG, those emotions and intentions may have been difficult to articulate, but it's my feeling that the PM will not be alone in being emboldened. I think there will be a forceful desire to keep the coalition strong, get it and it's messaging right, and fight back with a vengeance.

It's time to make clear beyond a shadow of a doubt what Harper intends for this nation and to provide the alternative that Canadians recognise and depend on. He's distorted so much of what we take for granted (in the best sense of that phrase) that the work will not be easy, but this is a fight for our country. That's not hyperbole or melodrama. That's fact.

Donate, rally, join others, do whatever you can to destroy Harper's deranged dream and focus on the vision of Canada the majority of us want restored.


wilson said...

Breaking: New polls show huge Tory gains:
Ipsos: CPC 46, LPC 23, NDP 13, BQ 9, GPC 8
Ekos: CPC 44, LPC 24, NDP 15, BQ 9, GPC 8
Compas: 72% biz leaders see worse economy under Dion coalition

Anonymous said...

hey Wilson, what does this have to do with the content of the post?

Typical of Connies unable to debate....

Karen said...

Debate is definitely not in their lexicon. I say leave them to their arrogance. It's going to kill them.

As for the polls, I did not dismiss them. I am going to wait to see what happens with them going forward however.

Anonymous said...

What a total disaster. Our brand is destroyed forever. Dion needs to be replaced right now. All three leadership candidates were involved in this. We need someone new from outside the party. How could we let this happen?

Anonymous said...

We must place our country before our party and destroy Harper just as he is trying to destroy Canada. Many seem worried that sticking with the Coalition will bring the LPC further down in the polls. However, the Coalition may be the best chance, if not the only hope, we have of saving our country from this madman.

RuralSandi said...

Among the findings:

- 72 per cent said the economy would be worse under a Dion-led coalition

- 65 per cent said inflation would be worse

- 61 per cent said the standard of living would decline

- 70 per cent have the most confidence in Harper as Prime Minister (Michael Ignatieff came second, with 19 per cent)

....the message is there and Liberals and supporters have to face the music.

Dion must go. For his own dignity he should offer to resign now. I'd hate, for his sake, for this to get worse for him.

Anonymous said...

Great post; I love those old Liberal election advertisements.

Do you the one where we jump all over Stephen Harper for "working closely" with Gilles Duceppe?

It would be timely.

penlan said...


Where did Harper say" You won't recognize Canada when I get through with it."?

I know I've seen & heard that before but I can't remember from when & where.

I'm with you on everything you said here. As far as poll results go they are only for right NOW when it's in the heat of everything that's been going on. They will change again, as always once things are calmer.

I agree with Sandi, too, that the Libs need a new leader. It just won't fly with Dion. Hurts to say it but it's true. He's too damaged from 2 yrs. of negative Con PR ads & propoganda.

I have no idea what are the best options are at this point in time but hope things become clearer soon.

Fact: Our country is at stake.

Anonymous said...

The only reason parliament was prorogued was because Canadians overwhelming rejected the Liberals last election. The colaition was seen as a power grab by a party that polled the worst ever in its history.

If there's any lack of democracy, it's with the Liberal party for trying to force itself and the NDP/Bloc on Canadians.

Dame said...

We have a Sick pathological case of a megalomaniac deluded man as PM who is an antidote for Democracy.. To get rid of him possibile /by our parliamentary rules / if the opposition parties Combine their votes as one dominating one. What else to say?
there is only one way for Now.. the the Coalition as the new way of Doing things.

Dame said...

to penlan and all who needs to know it I posted the infamous speech /I call it the Harper manufesto./ in my Blog where you will see the quote /and more/ knb used in this blog as a starting point....

penlan said...

Hi Dame...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Billy Jack, where have you been hiding the past 3 years? Under a cabbage no doubt. I do have to agree with Sandi, as much as I would have liked to see Dion remain the leader of the Liberal Party, it will not be & I too think that he needs to step aside right now & escalate a process to choose his replacement. Time is of utmost importance whether we like to believe it it or not, it needs to be done a.s.ap. marie

Anonymous said...

wilson, you can take those friggin polls & shove them up your know where okay? A poll is only as honest * good as the question that are asked & how they are phrased. You know that, we all know that so just go.

Dame said...

It is storm out there polls can't really "measure ' how the winds are blowing...
polls reach only people sitting home and just want to be in peace especially in this time of the year. I am not giving any Credit for polls this time..

One thing is Clear Canadians thinking more then usual...It is changing.. Complacent minds will be surprised how fast the change is "maturing" .

One Thing is sure the Idea of Coalition is not Going away...
We have five established Parties with strong followers and it is absurd NOT to Think about how to combine forces when we are facing such a Horrible Lil' Dictature Harper is offering ...
the Idea Of COALITION GOVERNMENT is born.. It may Change in shape and form But it is here to stay.

Great !!! it is long overdue.