Wednesday, February 18, 2009

But Steve? I Thought we were BFF?

I heard this evening that Harper has apparently said that his government hasn't done more on the Environment file to date, because that big, bad, meanie George Bush prevented him from doing so. Are you kidding me? Just how stupid does he think Canadians are?
Update: I found more on this.
Harper defended his environmental record Wednesday on CNN, going so far as to blame former president George W. Bush for blocking efforts to fight climate change, and said Obama looks to be a much more willing partner.
My gawd. If it wasn't so pathetic, it'd be hilarious. Is Harper delusional? No, he's just a liar.
Oh, I know Harper has his supporters that will actually try and make this case, but does he really think the rest of us will fall for this nonsense? I bet he does, because I also heard that he and Obama will be signing an Environmental agreement tomorrow. What the details are, I haven't a clue, but it sounds like a pact to pursue the viability of new technology to capture carbon. That sounds and looks like Harper and co. are being progressive, but it's no change as far as I can see. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
I wonder how many of Harper's supporters will suddenly become environmentalists now? I don't think there is one issue that they haven't flipped on is there? Amazing.
Speaking of thinking we are stupid, I suppose you've seen Harper (pt. 1) on CNN:

As Impolitical points out, this clip has a few more examples of Harper believing we are either stupid or have no collective memory. He speaks of Canada's resilience during the current economic upheaval as if he has everything to do with it. Hilarious! He didn't regulate and position our banking system and he sure as hell cannot take credit for the surpluses he did everything in his power to destroy.

I'm keeping my faith that such a phony will be exposed, but I have to admit that I'm losing patience. The nonsense that is not being challenged at the moment is a bit tough to take. Jim Prentice tonight actually said that Harper and Obama have a lot in common and that they have a similar background in politics. Huh? On what planet?

Until someone actually has the courage to confront either Harper or his gang, expect to continue to be treated as if your brain was nothing more than a ganglion.


Steve V said...

It's amazing, the amount of pure fiction I've heard the last few days, as we suck the Obama teet. It really is unbelievable.

RuralSandi said...

Perhaps time to write Wolf Blitzer about this phony. Or, perhaps Cafferty.

Karen said...

It's beyond unbelievable Steve and he's getting away with it.

Karen said...

Sandi, I'd start with sending OUR freaking media the memo.

Seriously, is there anyone out there that actually asks real questions or calls Harper on his lies?

wilson said...

KNB, if PMSH was lieing about Bush obstructing a NA enviro regime, someone in the US will speak up and say so.

Tho the opps leaders are fast to a mic to tell all,
PMSH has had to keep quiet about any disagreements with the Bush administration,
because embarrassing the US is NOT a good thing.
Obama will respect PMSH for not using 'his' former President as a way to whip up votes, because it means O can trust PMSH.

Funny thing, the Prime Minister gets 10 minutes with the new Pres, and Iffy demands 20!!

Your guy is way too full of himself.

penlan said...

Oh, the public will buy it. The media, on CBC Newsworld, is already touting how Harper now has a Prez he can talk to, etc. That Harper now has a chance, etc., etc. I'm just paraphrasing.

It's sickening. The "fawning" for Harper has already started.

Gonna go out on a limb here. In the next election Harper will get his majority. The press et al are too Con & Harp centred & it isn't going to change. The public doesn't listen or pay attention to anything & once the economic crisis starts turning around Harp will be the hero.

None of you will believe me but that's what I think will happen.

Karen said...

Oh is that going to be the line wilson? Have you got your official marching orders now?... Harper did NOTHING on climate change because he didn't want to embarass Bush???

God gawd that's pathetic.

I am literally stunned as to how Conservatives specifically Harper adoree's, actually buy what he sells no matter how dishonest or how much it goes against everything he once stood for.

Baird LED the charge to block progress my friend. He, under Harper, led it and was denounced around the world.

So tell me, do you now support a cap and trade system with hard caps and a cost attached to carbon? Maybe, even a carbon tax? Because I really just cannot wait to see how you and your pretzel friends spin that one.

Truth be known though, I don't have any faith what so ever that Harper is going to make any meaningful progress on this file. Just more lies.

We've never had a PM that has lied to the country like this guy does and sadly, about 30% of you are just fine with that. No moral compass whatsoever.

Karen said...

Well, I hope you are wrong penlan.

People behind the scenes know the truth, I just wish someone would speak up. I'm not sure environmentalists will though, because rocking the boat as they seem to be making progress would not be in their best interest.

As for the media, well indeed they are pathetic. I'd pay to see someone challenge Harper's CNN assertion today at the presser. 2 questions only though. I wonder who will be chosen?

penlan said...

No one in the media is ever going to challenge Harper - not gonna happen.

Probably someone from CTV & a French media.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister has been remarkably consistent in his environmental views if you would care to do a litttle research on the matter. He has said *all along* that any environmental agreement Canada undertakes must be in line with that of our largest trading partner and contain measures to deal with the alarmingly high GHG emissions from emerging third-world countries. That's been Stephen Harper's position all along, and it hasn't changed presumably because it makes complete sense.

As for Bush blocking any meaningful progress on the issue...he did. You don't have to like it, but calling the Prime Minister a liar in response just makes you look ignorant and petty.