Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Tedium is the Message

It is an odd mentality that insists on repeating lie upon lie, when those lies have been called out and disproved. Yet, we seem to be have a government that does just that. On issues large and small, they have spent more time defending the indefensible than they have doing practically anything else.

They have no Climate Change plan, yet they continue to insist that they do. The Speaker ruled that a 10 per center sent out insinuating that the Liberals were Anti Semitic, was out of line, not factual and impugned a member's character impeding his ability to perform his duties. That went to committee today, but the government side continued to push the falsehoods in the brochure and completely ignored evidence that completely discredited their argument. Poilievre to be precise.

In Question Period, the government refuses to answer important questions and day after day repeats nonsensical responses. It's tedious and dangerous, imo.

Of course the big topic at the moment, is the Afghanistan detainee issue. It is clear that MacKay has been all over the board in his replies and his denials are becoming more strident and over the top. Baird, well, he doesn't even answer logically, more concerned with smearing whomever happens to be in his way than anything else.

The government's behaviour has not gone unnoticed.

Today we have diplomats speaking out to decry their treatment of Richard Colvin and his testimony. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how unusual it is for diplomats to speak out. Their statement is extremely important, as it speaks to trust, the public trust and the ability of the public service to speak truth to power.

It will come as no surprise that I think the Conservatives have no problem at all in undermining the public service. This obviously is dangerous for our democracy and one reason that I have suggested that Harper himself was dangerous for the country.

Additionally, the NDP came out today to ask for MacKay's resignation. I agree with this, but have no idea whether or not the Liberals will call for the same. Taking that move to it's logical conclusion though, if MacKay knew, and everything points to the fact that he did, then it stands to reason that Harper did too. This conclusion feels even more plausible when you consider the vigorous defence they are mounting, flawed as it is being based on falsehoods.

And then finally today, we learn that the government was more concerned with creating their spin and honing their talking points than they were in actually implementing a transfer agreement.

Federal officials assured the Red Cross in 2006 that Canada would take an active role in monitoring the fate of Afghan prisoners — but for critical months behind the scenes did little more than manage the political spin, secret memos show.

The records, examined on a confidential basis by The Canadian Press, show the Harper government placed a greater emphasis on drafting "key messages" to the public and preparing "approaches" for embarrassing disclosures than on dealing with the human rights of prisoners.

...... officials in Ottawa placed the notion of formally monitoring prisoners at the bottom of a "Strategic (Macro) Level Engagement" plan produced near the end of February 2007.

No. 1 on the eight-point plan for officials was to "Prepare standard key messages (ie. importance of adhering to obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law regarding the treatment of detainees.)"
Point No. 8 in the plan was to "consider supplementing the existing arrangement" in such a way to include the "guarantee of access for Canadian authorities to individuals transferred by the (Canadian Forces)."

Anyone who watches this government is not surprised by this. This has been their M.O. since they took power. They are amateur hour when it comes to matters of importance, but they are masters at spinning the message.

The reputation of this country is worsening by day. From Copenhagen to the Afghan issue, the Conservatives are being exposed for who they are.

While I continue to be perplexed as to why it has taken so long, I am glad to see more and more of the inner workings of this government being revealed.

They treat all of this as a game of strategy and seem not to have a moral compass when it comes to knowing and doing what is right.


Anonymous said...

BushCo also had this message discipline. Unfortunately, it eventually wore thin. The truth has an annoying ability of breaking through.

Anonymous said...

We must remember that Mackay is distorting the truth, but Harper is behind it. I do remember Harper in great denial,too.
Harper is dangerous and high in the poles. I just cannot fathom so many illiterate people in this country that believe him!

Anonymous said...

The NDP will supplant the Liberals as the official opposition whenever the next election occurs.

Iggy is worse than even the hapless Dion was.........what a joke.

The Mound of Sound said...

Good post. You're right about the Tories having no climate change plan because there can be no federal plan without negotiation with the provinces. The last thing Harper wants to do is sit down with Stelmach and chat about Athabasca.

Karen said...

Hey MoS, how have you been?

I think the key word in your comment was 'negotiate'. Combine that word with Harper and it just doesn't mix.

Fred from BC said...

Harper is dangerous and high in the poles. I just cannot fathom so many illiterate people in this country that believe him!

(you're joking, right?...;)

But the other side of the coin is this: what if it is YOU who is out of step with the rest of the Canadian public? What if the rest of the country is actually smarter than you are?

Loving that latest poll about the Prime Minister's popularity, now that you mention the subject (Nanos, if you want to look it up). Seems that roughly 80 percent of Conservative voters think he's taking the country "in the right direction". So do over 60 percent of LIBERALS. Wow.

There's more, but I don't want (or need) to rub it in...