Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm off to Montreal for the Can 150 conference.

I hope to have some interesting things to report back. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in Comments.


Anonymous said...

Wow- you must be considered really really smart and smarter than any of the Liberal MPs.
Are you paying your own entrance fee?

Anonymous said...

Let us know if there is an intelligent discussion about abortion. One that won't invoke the name of GW Bush or one where leaders are not afraid to say the "A" word.

Rotterdam said...

They trust you, but not my Liberal wonder the Liberal caucus stuck it to the leader on Tuesday.

Tomm said...


Bring back interesting ideas for us to talk about.

Anonymous said...

What a tard...............

wilson said...

If attendees are allowed to submit ideas KNB, do you have something you jave been working on?

Jim Vincent said...

The "thinkers" couldn't come up with the idea of iris scanners? And so Ignatieff decides to reach out to Islamophobes and back Charest's idiotic ban on veils for public services?

Karen said...

Jim, the question was asked at a presser, not part of the conference. It was asked by the Quebec press and the answer not entirely accurately represented by Jane Taber.

He essentially said that Quebec was looking for balance.

penlan said...

Are you having a good time, KNB? Sheesh, You got bombarded with trolls here.

Anonymous said...

Rotterdam, Tomm, Wilson

Desperately dateless and lonely bunch aren't you.

Go back to your parent's basement
now, and read your hidden stash of erotic magazines.

That, and trolling around on blogs is all you have going in life.

Tomm said...


Thanks for the drive by:)


Anything interesting? We're carnivores, we need red meat.

Don't make me beg...

Karen said...

I promise to post something soon Tomm. The structure of the event just hasn't given me enough time.

Overall impression is favourable though.

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