Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Making It Up As They Go Along

I can't keep track of how many reasons we've been given for this government's ridiculous decision to scrap the mandatory census (long form), but Stockwell Day certainly topped them all today.

I confess, this presser, was one of the most incoherent I've ever witnessed.

Not only did he not make any sense when articulating the rationale for the decision, he made matters worse by going on about the alarming rate of unreported crime, which is about the oldest tactic in the book for explaining increased spending and tougher crime legislation.

Furthermore, the last stat's available on unreported crime were from 2004.

The full presser is available through the link in the second paragraph, but here is a small portion that was particularly funny...or sad really, when you consider that this is the calibre of Minister we seem to have running the country.

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