Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling All Liberal MP's and Senators

Yes, dear caucus I am speaking to you. Today, a day when I had hoped to see outrage at how the Harper government abused power in the most blatant manner possible in the Senate, I saw the weakest complaint imaginable in Question Period and then nary a sound....crickets in fact.

Oh wait, I did hear a little something. It was a plaintive, drip, drip, drip...look at me, I want to be important but don't have the courage to tell you my name, leaker, who ran to Jane Taber to tell all what was meant to be debated behind closed doors.

If you are not ashamed, let me tell you...we who normally support the party, are. Your self serving nonsense neither serves you, because you are a coward who won't allow Jane to tell us who you are, nor does it serve the party and Canada as a whole.

You seem to be someone inclined to keeping Harper in place. That's fine, but let me be the first to escort you across the aisle and let's be done with it.

Do I sound angry? You bet I am. I have never suffered fools gladly and in this case, where democracy and the future direction of the country are involved, believe me, you do not even merit the moniker of 'fool'.

I want to be clear. I am all for dissent within a party. I think healthy debate is not only good but necessary and I get that Afghanistan is contentious, but if you aren't able to debate it amongst yourselves, or maybe poor baby, you weren't heard, running to Jane has not helped you and yours in the past and it won't in the future.

Do us all a favour. Resign. Those who quote you as a source won't be happy, but trust me, the rest of us will be thrilled.


CK said...

Jane Taber's sources are always super seniory anonymous sources. She's lost credibility with me a long time ago. All her "sources" "officials" and such are anonymous for anything from how Iggy cuts his toe nails to what they talk about behind closed doors. She's worse than a gossip columnist.

Karen said...

I don't think you can blame Jane in this case, CK.

Someone told her and that person is a coward.

That she gets anon info and runs with it, well that is her job. Respect how she reports or not, she is given something to tell.

No, this is about a coward in caucus and it's time he was exposed...and yes, I think it's a he.

wilson said...

Perhaps the Liberal caucus should have gone to hear Ignatieff's National Forum speech,
on June 15,
he laid out the new Liberal Foriegn Policy,
(repeat) on June 15th,
where he called for troops to stay in Afganistan as trainers, for 3 years, after the combat mission ends.

Those in the Liberal caucus who didn't attend and are now outraged, can listen to his speech here:

wilson said...

Only fair to post what Jane Taber said too!

Ignatieff calls for Canadians to stay in Afghanistan as police and army trainers
Jane Taber
Ottawa— From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2010