Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a Closer Look

Bob Rae asks you to take a second look at both the Conservative and NDP platforms. Take your time especially with the NDP list of promises. They don't make any sense.

NDP platform here.


Robert said...

Yep. Too bad the general electorate doesn't read the material.

rockfish said...

All excellent points -- a little too late however. That being said, not even Jack 'I just won the lottery!' could have forsaw how Canadians would react to Harper's underground strategy to poison the Liberal well.
Anything but a majority does Harper in, and I look forward to watching the pyriana feeding frenzy that will follow. Us - Rae as interim leader (for a year minimum) would be pretty good IMO.

The Mound of Sound said...

So many firsts. The first time an NDP leader will occupy Stornoway. The first time a Liberal leader will be consigned to Motel 6.

Of course Layton's platform and numbers don't make any sense but that was never a requirement observed by any NDP leader. This election isn't a function of Layton's success as much as of Ignatieff's many failures.

I knew the LPC was finished when Harper first prorogued Parliament as Canada was overtaken by the greatest financial crisis in generations. Instead of using the opportunity to brainstorm a Liberal rescue/recovery budget, Iggy used the time to finish a book about his maternal ancestors. When Parliament returned, Iggy came empty-handed, leaving him no option but to endorse Harper's pathetic "pinata budget" while making an idiot out of himself boasting he was putting Harper "on probation." Game, set, and match.