Monday, August 14, 2006

The "Spin"ning Wheel

Does this writer actually think anyone is buying, this?

How does this:

The poll states that 82 per cent of Canadians asked believe that Israel has a right to self defence

translate to this?

An overwhelming number of Canadians support Prime Minister Stephen Harper's assertion that Israel's attacks on Lebanon are justified because Israel has a right to self defence

Support for Harper didn't drop because he said Israel had a right to defend itself, it dropped because of the 'measured' comment, vis a vis the force employed and his unilateral stance.

"The Globe poll didn't really ask a fair and unambiguous question," said COMPAS President Conrad Winn ...right. As if Israel's right to defend itself was ever disputed by anyone.

Well, if the conservative's seriously think that a majority of Canadians support Israel's self-defense rights, translates to, the majority of Canadians support Harper, then they are more seriously deluded than I thought.

Update here. It looks like they won't be able to get away with misleading polls afterall.


Jay said...

You notice that too. I also noted that many articles today at (globe) are particularly irritating as they are saying the exact opposite that everyone else in Canada is reporting. I have to admit though as of late that site seemed to be less conservative than usual but I guess with conservative numbers falling somones gotta make up good news for the conservatives!

Karen said...

Hi jay. I saw the story at Nealenews, decidely right leaning.

Lol, you're right about them needing good news, but I sure hope this kind of misleading journalism ?, doesn't become pervasive, as it is in the states. Too much energy goes into diffusing that rather than discussing the issues.

I'm going bet that Canadians are too smart to buy into this transparent diversionary tactic.

EX-NDIP said...

Its just another pole. . . get over it . . . what's even funnier is the many different positions various libs have taken . . . the natural governing party is a commedy act . . .

Karen said...

Ex-ndip "Its just another pole"

Ooops, gotta go re-think that Canadians are too smart comment!

Jeff said...

this is why conservatives spend so much time in opposition. they're self-deluding.

5th Estate said...

Hi there KNB.. I arrived here via your comments at RedTory (IMHO a great blog for posts and comments).

I got the impression from your comments on RT's "The Sage of Crawford" that you saw some kind of twisted parallel between recent (and some historical)Israeli actions and those of the Nazis during WWII.
Collective punishment? Yes. Buffer zones? Yes. And so on...
It's sadly terribly familiar, especially so given the Jewish experience.