Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The tide seems to be shifting

When the poll came out suggesting that only 32% of Canadians supported the Harper government position in the Middle East, a common refrain from the Conservative's was, "then why hasn't their overall popularity dropped?"

As I read those comments, my thought was...patience. As the adage goes, it pays off, as seen here


leftdog said...

That is good news indeed. The federal tories have really miscalculated their foreign affairs / military policy. Harper is well down the road with Bush and it is going to be hard for him to try to modify or soften his current postions. Bush is getting a lot of heat too as he heads towards mid term elections this fall.

Karen said...
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A_Resident said...

This is good news!

Unknown said...

A Must Read.

People sure have a short memory.

Karen said...

Wayne, I don't get your point. Martin supported Israel's rights, the Liberal part supports Israel's rights. That does not mean to the exclusion of other nations rights.

Martin supported the Sharon plan of returning territory, that has not changed either.

Who do you see as not supporting Israel's right to defend itself? I've heard no one say that. What I have heard is compassion for the Lebanese people. Do you have any idea how much destruction this incursion has wrought? Any guesses to how many years it will take them to recover?

Those who believe that Israel's response has been beyod disproportinate, do not then, de facto, support terrorism. That's ridiculous logic. What they do support are the humanitarian concerns, we should all have for the Lebanese.