Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making It Up As They Go Along


sjw said...

While I like these videos very much I think they are relying too heavily on the ominous and creepy accompanying music. We have seen in the past where the public has balked at Liberal attempts to paint the Conservatives as scary monsters. I'd like to see a couple of vids using circus type music when profiling the buffoonish reality of this government. After all, "making it up as they go along" is exactly what clowns do.

Karen said...

lol, sjw. I think you may have a point there.

Given that it's a vid push and not a full fledged campaign, I think these video's are doing the job. You know...repetition, repetition.

The odd buffoon ad wouldn't go amiss though, especially with so many of them popping up lately, ;).