Sunday, July 12, 2009

Acrimony is What Ails Us

It seems that Canadians are not quite as sleepy as we sometimes like to think. A new poll suggests that they are not only listening, but willing to change the order of things.

Canadians are getting restless with the state of the House of Commons.

A new poll suggests that a growing number of voters are hoping for a majority government, and might vote strategically in order to achieve one.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey said 64 per cent of respondents prefer a majority over a minority government,
up from 52 per cent just two years ago.

Interesting, no?

Now some may worry and think that if these same people hadn't really been paying attention, that they might just hand over the reins to the Conservatives and be done with it.

Not so much.

When presented with only the Liberals and Conservatives as the option for the forming the next government, 44 per cent backed the Liberals while 33 per cent backed the Conservatives.

What's interesting about that number is the Conservatives are still frozen in time and while the Liberals haven't been soaring in other polls, this one suggests that voters who normally back parties other than the two majors, indeed are willing to move to the Liberals for more stable government.

Harris-Decima's Jeff Walker said the poll suggests Canadians are weary of the acrimony and instability that has plagued the last three governments.

No doubt...though I still don't believe that any parliamentary configuration, other than the current one, could provide as much acrimony. There is really no way around it. Every party in the House is fundamentally opposed to the Conservative agenda. Oh I know, the Martin government wasn't stable either, but really, that was due to the NDP and Jack Layton seeing a chance for the kill.

Sadly, his blind ambition, (imo), did more to harm this country than anything has in a long time. He gave Harper the reins without thinking through which way he'd steer.

So this is but one small poll and certainly shouldn't be taken as a prediction with any certainty, but it is interesting that it was taken at the beginning of July, when most people have had their fill of all things political.

If Harper keeps up his acrimony, especially the on the world stage form of it, I think come the next election, people will seek another choice. That said, the Liberals have to give them something to vote for.

Something tells me that's coming.


Anonymous said...

The battle between liberal and conservatives in our country is therefore a battle over the role of government in maintaining the unity of the country.

So basically, he echoes what I have been saying, there is very little difference between Connies and Liberals.

(and yes I read the complete speech)

Anonymous said...

I think Michael meant the difference between the Liberals and the old PCs, not the current CRAP MOB

Karen said...

c_wtf, you're kidding right?

If you read the whole speech, the battle he speaks of surely is apparent to that he feels need not be fought and one that the Con's perpetuate.

Please tell me you won't be one who takes quotes and makes them manifest.

Have you really gone that far...against Ignatieff, so now, against the whole concept of Liberalism?

I don't believe that.

Too sad if you have, because, imo, we need thinkers, like you.

Not your blatant criticism, but were objectivity come into play, I think you have something to contribute.

Let go of the hate man, ;)

Karen said...

anon, overall, that is what Ignatieff is saying.

In this context he is speaking to the no minds that run the country at the moment...but context is everything and nothing apparently.

Because removing it seems to be the sport de jour.

Not clever.

Anonymous said...

You're dreaming in technicolor again.

LMA said...

Ignatieff acknowledges in his speech that one of the many tasks of the "new economy" will be to stabilize climate change and pollution. But he also supports an economy which is based on fossil fuels and Tar Sands development. This will present a major problem for voters who are concerned about climate change.

Anonymous said...

You know what would be have another Mike Pearson again.

Anonymous said...

You know what would be really nice? To not have that dictorial dictator control freak Harper as Pm & leader of Canada. I am ashamed to admit that he is Canada's PM and I for one will not call him my PM.


Dame said...

Majority Government is the only solution to Canada's Stagnation and decline in everything. One day the public has to come its senses and make a decisive choice which of the two main party they are favoring to lead us. Of course I can think of only the Liberal party as the ONLY choice .Every other small or not so small party is just a fringe party serving its own small scope of needs and a spoiler in the name of democracy they play the Ralph Nader thing over and over .
Anyone who parks his or her vote with the greens or NDP// is effectively Vote against their "couses' as it is undeliverable by these parties. It is a spoiled vote .
I really hope the people will see the light finally and soon.

Dame said...

I must add I am great admirer of Ralph Nader ... just to show how good his insights are here is one article from him.

but why was he running as independent?? it is insane !!