Monday, July 06, 2009

We Read Letters

Do you ever read Letters to the Editor? I will often browse through them, particularly to see what the general public is feeling, especially if there are large issues of the day playing out in the media.

You can count on a balance of pro and con and the usual whine about a newspaper not supporting the writers point of view. Generally, they are written by John or Jane Public. Lately though, I've seen more than one written by people who are a little more involved in the subject they are writing about, than they let on.

I've seen MP's respond, which is interesting and they always identify themselves. I've also noted names familiar on the Blogging Tories roll. They don't generally identify themselves as such, which is fair enough I suppose.

This morning however, this letter was noticed. Now, you may say, big deal, so what? A Timmins resident registering his complaint with a stance taken by his MP, Charlie Angus. Which is true, but this is not just another citizen.

No, you see, Kyle M. Simunovic is a staffer (note contact) for MP, Royal Galipeau. You know him right? (One of many MP's who could use a little anger management training.)

In other words, Kyle, someone who is on the payroll for the Conservative Party of Canada, is sending a letter to discredit a member of parliament and worse, he fails to tell us who he is.

Is this the end of the world? Of course not, but, it's indicative of how the party works and pushes it's talking points. You'll note in the letter that Kyle basically spews the party line on the issue.

Kyle is entitled to his opinion, but we're entitled to know who he is and how the governing party is pushing it's message under false pretenses.

The good news is, young Mr. Simunovic isn't too prescient so his characterisation of Mr. Angus doesn't hold too much sway. Here's what he had to say about Angus on a Timmins election prediction website before he was elected in 2004:

Kyle Simunovic
After much consideration. I think this will be real close. The NDP will not win defiantly not. I don't think Angus has enough recognition or ideas to win the riding. This riding went conservative in 1984 and i think it will again this time. I think it will be neck and neck with all three and the green party eating the dust. The conservatives have a hard fight....but they're candidate is great! People will meet him and decide to vote for him in the election. Personally I think this one is two close to call....

Angus won with 41% of the vote, followed by the Lib at 39%. The Conservative? He received 16.7%.

Just another example of the Conservatives using every under handed tactic they can think of.

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James Bowie said...

41% to 17%? Yeah, definately too close to call, unless this staffer is pulling for the Liberals now!

wilson said...

I'm amazed at your pic galley, another good one knb.

'Just another example of the Conservatives using every under handed tactic they can think of.'

Freedom of speak, even for Conservatives, is our right as Canadian citizens.

File this along with those 'big cheques signed by MPs'
where Liberals moan and complain about things Liberals have done for decades, but when a Conservative does it, it's a crime.

Interviews and letters to the editor re: the Candian Wheat Board are stacked with 'Liberals', like ex-Liberal candidates.

RuralSandi said...

Wilson, it must be very tiring to have to dig through Con talking points, old news and all to try to defend your God Harper and his gang of bobbleheads.

Freedom of speak - keep in mind KNB has the same freedom.

RuralSandi said...

Curious - does this staffer reside in Timmins? Galipeau's riding is in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speak, even for Conservatives, is our right as Canadian citizens.
Of course it's your right. Just as much as it can be pointed out the context of that person writing.

I find it odd that Free Speech warriors just seem to mindlessly echo the party line. Even the instructions on the Conservative web site on how to write letters and get on talk radio screamed "Here let us think for you".

Karen said...

I know James...maybe he'll be promoted?

Anonymous said...

KNB, I'm surprised that you have not left a comment over at putting the letter in context...

Karen said...

wilson, imagery is my real world lean.

Re'freedom of speak (sic), indeed, he is free to say whatever he likes, but we have a right to know who he is. I can only presume that he omitted his position intentionally in an effort to provoke debate and discredit Angus, as if he were just an average citizen.

He's doing the party's bidding without telling us he's associated with the party.

I haven't seen chq's signed by Lib's with party slogans on them, nor the letters you refer to. Have you?

Karen said...

Sandi, he is from Timmins. I imagine a number of hill staffers do not live in their MP's riding.

Karen said...

I could I suppose c_wtf, but then again, that's why I blog.

Oxford County Liberals said...

I'm glad he at least knows that the Conservatives are doing zilch for these people he's mentioned. What's both comical and appalling at the same time is that this fellow lists all the groups that are crying out for help from the government - the government he's employed by - and then tries to pit it as Angus's fault for not standing up for them to the government.

Talk about chutzpah.

northwestern_lad said...

Charlie has been doing a great job as the MP in that riding, and that has really gotten under the skin of the Conservatives, especially on issues like Attawapiskat. The Conservative have no love for Mr. Angus at all, which is why it doesn't surprise me that they did this.

RuralSandi said...

I could never vote NDP, but Charlie Angus is good at getting under the Cons skins - I love it.

I think Angus' point is that why not make the pins in Canada and create jobs. Perhaps that point is having an impact so the Cons are trying to destroy Angus and make him look like he's not up to the job.

Karen said...

True enough Scott

Karen said...

Attawapiskat is an issue that I care about too and on that, he's certainly done a lot of work Cam.

Karen said...

Sandi, the real irony is this isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened...with the pins I mean.

The one's screeching about it back then were non other than?..the Con's (or their party name of the day)

Big Winnie said...

I am a former resident of Schumacher (now part of Timmins) and responded to the letter...I would rather wear a Canadian pin that boasts "Proudly Canadian" than one that's "made in China".

Anonymous said...

He's from Timmins. Even if he happens to work in Ottawa doesn't mean that he is no longer allowed to have opinions in his home riding. Just because someone has a political job doesn't mean they are no longer normal citizens with the right to have and express opinions.