Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Bad Idea, Made Worse

I do not know who is advising John Tory, but he really should consider a staff change.
His latest idea of funding religious schools was not only a bad, it's been widely panned. Today, he continues to defend it, as you would expect, but went further, saying it would be fine to teach Creationism in these schools. As if that wasn't bad enough, the facile manner in which he handled the question, again speaks to his judgement.
“They teach evolution in the Ontario curriculum, but they also could teach the fact to the children that there are other theories that people have out there that are part of some Christian beliefs,” Mr. Tory said at the Kamin Education Centre.
Huh? Creationism isn't a competing "theory". It's part of some belief systems and as such of course, it should be restricted to religious instruction, period. In fact, calling Creationism a theory, in an effort to link it to the Theory of Evolution, is beyond facile, it's disingenuous.
It has been said that part of Harper's decision to prorogue, was to free up staffers to assist with the Ontario election. Perhaps in this case, Tory could ask for Stock's help on the campaign trail.


Anonymous said...

Harper shouldn't be interfering in provincial elections - Canadians pay their federal taxes so that the federal government can work - if they're working on provincial stuff, they should take a reduction in salary.

This is obscene to me.

Steve V said...


I'm starting to understand why Conservatives don't talk openly with the media and prefer the written script :)

Anonymous said...


I'm not going to
comment on this post,because its more of a local issue. I hope you don't mind a bit of advice here? NO ITS NOT POLITICS !! (chuckles);)

Why is it you allow on your blog
people to post anonymously? Example
you may have someone
who would put a post
then the same person
put another post and you would think that these people agree with each other,when in fact its the same one.

I've bee on other post and you have to register there. Thanks
you hope you don't

Jay said...

Not sure if the sight of Baird, Flaherty, Prentice, and Clement will do much for the PC's.

I suspect you would probably be able to measure the the support drop almost immediately while people convulse on their front porches due to memories of the Harris regime these four would bring.

knb said...

anon, I hear you, but I'm not sure that using resources intrajuristionally, (is that a word?), is unusual. In the end though, you're right.

Steve Indeed. I heard a commentator say it well. "I've never seen a politician plant land mines, in front of himself." He was short sighted, as he didn't add your comment. ;)

John Feel free to comment, it's a conservative viewpoint. He's the guy behind Harris, Flaherty, Clement, Baird, etc. He's putting a conservative view out he expects Ontarians to support. Yes it's local...but it's Conservative.

Re'anon comments, we've been through this before, I believe in free speech. Not all people who are anon are cowards, some just don't understand how easy it is to gain an indentity, without having a blog. They deserve a voice too. Some hide behind the moniker, but they are obvious. Discerning reading is something we should all learn.

Jay I purposely listened to "right" radio this afternoon. I cannot tell you how many said, "that's it!", "I'm a conservative but I'm not voting for Tory". He's made a big mistake...well, a few.

Anonymous said...

KNB I like the way you answered everyone in one post.;)