Friday, September 14, 2007

Still Don't Believe Our Reputation is Being Affected?

If you seriously think the actions of this government are not affecting our reputation and arming those who deserve no ammunition, you're dead wrong.

When we have Iran calling us up on the rug for Human Rights, you know something has gone terribly wrong. Like China before them, Iran has been handed a gift, directly attributable to Harper's hypocrisy.

To suggest that Iran and China are not credible, misses the point of course. They are simply stating the obvious. It certainly does not provide them a pass on their record, which is what they desire, but it does give them the ability to point to our record on issues. They correctly point out that Canada rides on a pretty high horse, while abusing what they accuse others of.

Is Iran right? Well as they saying goes, it would be tough to prove that they are wrong based on our recent actions. Obviously, the way they portray us, that is as a country where this sort of behaviour is wide spread, is idiotic. However, we have given them enough examples to support their public statements.

Not signing the UN aboriginal contract is one, but it goes on of course. The bumbling efforts of O'Connor on the Afghan prisoner file, the reneging on the Kyoto accord, the Kelowna Accord, the Agents Provocateur at Montebello, the recent "veil" idiocy in Committee...the list goes on.

Those who defend Harper at any cost, dismiss these leaders. What they miss of course is the fact that many see these leaders as being credible and it is that population, who's minds are being swayed. These same people, the defenders, view these issues as quaint domestic political fodder. Wrong again.

It will play out domestically of course, but the real damage is being done abroad, amongst countries with whom we should be building credibility, in order to persuade, through diplomatic channels.

Being a stubborn bully and following wrong-headed ideology, simply reduces us to a place that we as a country, have fought and won, to never enter.

Harper has led us here and it's only taken 20 months of a minority. He wanted to have a voice on the world stage...he missed the fact that we did have one, and it was powerful. It was a voice that was listened to and respected, because we didn't shout. Nothing commands respect more than a quiet, reasoned argument. That has escaped Harper. He's happier being the bully and bullies as we all know, are cowards.

He wasn't bullied in our High School to my recollection, but he was isolated. He's now in the phase that people are paying attention to him, something he's never had before.

That's to our detriment as a Nation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi KNB I just came
in I was out all evening.

To answer your article
about human rights,and
the criticism that Iran
gave Canada why does anyone listen to Iran anyways? Just like i said about China they criticize us,because
we criticize them. So I take their criticism with a grain of salt.
I Just look at where its coming from,and
see that they are not

But you should really
look at this article!