Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The "Veiled" Agenda

I've not discussed this issue as yet, other than a few comments on another thread, with a Conservative commenter.

Given that Mayrand is about to be grilled, by the con's tomorrow at a committee meeting, I want to weigh in.
While I'm a bit perplexed as to why Mayrand felt it necessary to hold a press conference on the issue, I suggest he had two motives. One, the law is pretty darn clear and he's a straight shooter. Should there be fall out, he wanted Elections Canada's take, to be clear. The politicians are to blame here, no one else.
Is Elections Canada in a fight with the con's? Absolutely. IMO, Mayrand is playing it straight up, while exposing the con's for what they are. His first shot off the bow, brought the con's to express outrage. The other parties were concerned, but no outrage...maybe a bit from the Bloq.
The Con's and the Bloq have shown their xenophobic colours, for all to see. Disgusting isn't it? Anyone who visits the BT's, is pretty familiar with the posture of the con supporters.
In the main, this is a non-issue, that has been used to fuel xenophobic discourse, across the country, but specifically in Quebec. The con's have pounced, as was evident in the committee meeting. If you're inclined to watch or listen tomorrow, look for Poilievre to have a shredding machine, in the form of his mouth, asking questions.
Harper called the Afghanistan mission a political football in Australia, (big brave man, out of country with controlled media...coward), when in fact that is what this issue is, the veil, and the con's shaped the football.
Again, not one person has ever tried to vote veiled and the legislation that passed, didn't prevent it. Watch now, the con's will try to change that. Imagine that, changing legislation to prevent that which is not a problem. Idiots!
How many times are we going to tolerate this? Aboriginals, Chinese, Japanese and many more...people, this is crazy stuff that most mature people have outgrown.
The adolescent con's obviously have not. Thoroughly disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Harper just made a big issue of this to divert the attention from their current "election monies" issue.

In an interview NDP Paul Dewar said he just came back from Morocco elections and they all wore veils - huh? What is the NDP stance on this? One for Quebec and one for the rest of Canada?

Mr. Dewar, in case you haven't noticed, you live in Canada, not Morocco.

burlivespipe said...

A true leader would have calmed this situation instead of blowing it into a xenophobic fury.
But Harper has successfully, thanks to some ill-prepared other party leaders, taken the eye off his fundraising scam while at the same time sticking a 'unfit to question' tag on Elections Canada.
And for the most part, the MsM has bought it, hooked on the headline screech 'Veils at the Election Box!'
Maybe we should label this Harper's War WITH Terror...

knb said... forgaot to mention that Dewar said, they all lifted their veils. His stance is clear.

Burl: A true leader would have calmed this situation instead of blowing it into a xenophobic fury.

Indeed...but there is nothing true nor leader-like about this man. He's a vindictive, partisan, nothing more, nothing less.

What leaders around the world are fueling xenophobia? Imagine aligning yourself with that group.

Anonymous said...

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