Tuesday, September 04, 2007

From the Silly Season to Just Plain Stupid, in One Fell Swoop

Well, Mr. Tory has wasted no time in making a mistake in his campaign. No sooner did he kick it off, he makes this remark to a potential voter.

He has of course said that he didn't mean anything by it:

"It's obviously a very light-hearted exchange," said Ingrid Thompson. "It's very clear that it's the banter and the tone."

I would agree, it was light-hearted, in that it just fell off his tongue in a manner that he felt everyone would agree with him. That's the problem when you hold such views, they become part of you, taken as an absolute. Why you'd say it to an actual student of the university, is beyond me and it strikes me as rather stupid. Had he said it to a student of a rival U, it would still be wrong, but at least it would make a little more sense.

Anyway, it's hardly the stuff of outrage, but it is yet another misstep for Tory. He vowed not to go negative, yet that's all he's done. He's not off to a good start.

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