Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Self Reflection

Stephane Dion, during an interview with Radio Canada, said that he sees his error as having not put himself out there, in front of the issues. Put himself, Dion the person, on the line. He's clear that in spite of being a naturally collegial person, that Canadians have not had a chance to get to know who he is and that he needs to change that. To that I say, yea!
He also realises that Harper has sold Canadians, (and many have bought it), a caricature of himself, one that is inaccurate.
I think this realisation will go a long way, the trick will be to get more interviews like this one. The english media appear to have bought Harper's low brow message, so it will be interesting to see if they can step up to the plate. Dion is who he is, so I suspect his style behind the scenes, one that most members of caucus express great respect for, will remain the same. But, when in the public eye, he has to take the spotlight.
Since we've learned that the idiotic, "anonymous sources", who are constantly claiming that there is enormous discontent in the party, amount to "has beens" like Ray Heard and bloggers who are still ticked that their candidate didn't win, I imagine that most will soon be ignored. Oh, the Taber's of the world who live for gossip rather than real news, will no doubt continue, but no one takes her seriously anyway.
Here's hoping this a new start, one that can be built on.
Harper's biggest fear was that Canadians would get to know Dion, so who knows how he will try to sabotage this, but try he will. Dion just has to stay on track.
I'll end by saying that I'm happy to see some intelligent discourse entering the scene finally. I was worried that sanity would never reappear in this Harper Bizarro world. Some hope is restored here.
To hear the interview, go here and here is a recap in english.

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Anonymous said...

This is great news I have seen thee interview on Radio Can. Let him talk the more he talks the more he will turn people off especially in English Canada.

You can completely forget about Quebec he
has been talking for years here. Thats his
problem. People don't listen to him you should listen what they say about him on the French radio talk shows. So i say to him
good luck.

All of this on this morning talk shows.Let him talk.:)

He didn't even get 10%
of the french vote.Its like saying Harper losing one of his strong ridings in Alberta to the socialist NDP can you imagine the upraw on the left wing blogs if that were to happen?