Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our Media - They All Got the Same Script

If there was ever any doubt about the laziness of the Canadian press corps, it can now be safely put to rest. In these times, where wedge issues rule the day and divide opinion, the press seems to have somehow eluded that dilemma, at least as it relates to the Outremont by-election.

In fact, when a cast of characters with varied opinions makes for a far more interesting read, it would appear that our press, have all been given the same script, for the play that they wrote.

Craig Oliver - CTV
An NDP victory would be seen as a serious blow to Dion's leadership.
(Check out the two vid's to the right of the story. Beauchemin's piece ends with a Mulcair sign behind her, and Oliver's piece features Mulcair about 14 times vs Dion or Coulon, about 7 times.)

Hubert Bauch - The Gazette
For this reason, Monday's by-election vote in Outremont in particular, and less so in the other two ridings where vacancies will be filled, is widely held as a judgment on Liberal leader Stéphane Dion's leadership even more than on the merits of local Liberal candidate Jocelyn Coulon.

Robert Fife - CTV
" if those poll results translate into actual voting results, there may be moves within the Liberals to oust Dion if he's perceived as a weak leader".

Chantal Hebert - The Star
But if his party underperforms, Dion – as an untested leader – will take the biggest hit.

Andy Blatchford - The Globe and Mail
Letting Outremont slip away would be a major blow to Mr. Dion, whose party is facing its first ballot test since he was crowned head of the party. A loss could bring his leadership into question.

I'm sure there are many more, but why bother? While there is of course something known as "conventional wisdom", this is not what I see here. What I do see are a slew of journalists who are once again "creating the story", that is easy to tell. It's easy, because it's all they have written about and focused on since Dion became leader. Harper gave them their tag-line and they bought hook, line, and I hope, sinker. How intellectually weak of them.

I don't know about you, but I've seen precious little analysis of what each candidate is offering versus what the citizens of the riding are speaking about. You'd think having seen their counter-parts in the US ridiculed for their intellectual laziness, that they'd strive to avoid that fate. Apparently though, they are quite comfortable in parroting each other.

Obviously, the most recent polls aren't what a Liberal would wish for, but nor do they really distress me, the undecided number is too high. I'd prefer to know what is really driving the numbers and what the Liberals still need to do. Honest analysis, what a concept!

I really have nothing bad to say about Mulcair, but I could go on at length at why it's a bad idea to increase Layton's presence in the HoC.

Anyway, for me, I'm staying reasonably optimistic. If the disgruntled Iggy supporters want to continue the feud most Liberals are trying to move forward from, so be it, but don't expect to regain power anytime soon.

That strategy didn't work out so well for Martin, as you may recall.


Anonymous said...


If the polls hold
true that the Conservatives should win a seat from the Bloc and the Liberals lose to thee NDP Thomas Mulcair.

Then there will be big
problems for both the Libs,and the Block,because they are both considered to be strongholds.

The Liberals also consider it very important,because they
bothered to bring some of their heavy hitters.

But of course the real poll that mater is election night!!

This is what will happen if the polls hold true:

First they wont be any election this fall,the
throne speech would pass!!

Second the back stabbing for Dion's job
will begin.It seems that it may have already began!

Any party that wants to win,they have to keep their stronghold ridings not lose them.

About the throne speech
i still think it will pass no mater what.

Steve V said...

Good points knb. The only caveat with the "Dion's leadership is on the line" media angle, the fact that Coulon is handpicked by Dion drew the connection. When Dion first announced his candidate, I blogged that I thought it was a mistake, because it created the atmosphere for the media to make the by-election a referendum on leadership. In hindsight, it would have been better if the candidate was chosen organically, in the riding.

knb said...

John, you're simply making my point...that is, repeating the nonsense.

Go along your merry way, supporting drivel.

I would prefer to read or watch someone with gut's, someone who breaks from the pack. Someone with an actual opinion, based on fact.

The media gave you con's your narrative, again, and all you do is parrot it.

Pretty lame.

Somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to seek knowledge, analyse it, and then provide opinion. Sad isn't it?

knb said...

Not a bad point Steve, but other than we wonks and the media, who knew that?

The media is playing that point to the hilt. That's fair game, because it's fact, but the playing of that, rather than looking at the candidate, is rather sad.

btw...I do not consider you to be one of the antagonists. You're an honest broker in my view.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the Liberals are losing it
tonight on the blogs
over some poll that came out Friday.

I can't imagine what the Liberals would do come Monday night if the polls hold true!!:)

Anonymous said...

Knb i don't know about you but i was raised if
i have something to say about someone i tell them!!

Not go behind someones
back. I'm not stupid
you know so please don't deny it. I know you went on RT's blog and you were talking about me.

I really thought that you were better then this.But i guess i was wrong,now wasn't ?

knb said...

John, I've always been honest with you.

You offer little else than talking points, those that your God, Harper, spews.

I don't think you are a bad person, but unless you can offer an objective opinion, I'd rather you not visit.

I'd prefer discussions about issues, as Steve provided, not simply a repetition of what has been stated.

RT is an old, blog, friend. (Well, he's not old, but I've watched his blog for some time). I respect him. Posting elsewhere is not going behind your back.

I think you need some clarity between real life and blogging/commenting.

Accusations, here, will hold no sway. Continue and you are gone.

Anonymous said...

KNB it may seem like talking points to you,
because you disagree with
the Cons.thats fine i don't expect you to agree
with them.

But i agree with them by in large.I've also disagree with them if you look at the past post on your blog.

If you want me to say that i disagree with them when i happen to agree that ain't going to happen.

I don't consider Harper as my God please!!I think that he is a better PM then any Liberals today.

I've never said and i know you didn't say this: I never said that
I wasn't biased towards
the Conservatives,because
I am.

You criticize the Cons every chance you get and i try to defend them every chance i get. I am biased towards them i admit that.

I'm just giving my opinion has i see it.

Anonymous said...

Also KNB i would like
to add that if the Liberals should lose thee
Outremont byelection i would be ecstatic!! Now do i think the Cons. would get it no i don't think so it would be wishful thinking on my part.

But if the Cons takes away the seat from the bloc that would also bring problems to the bloc.

Anytime that thee NDP
would be able to take seats away from the Liberals that makes me happy. Not because i like the NDP no of course not,because i know that thee NDP will never form a federal government. But because of the in fighting that would surly result from the Liberals and the leader ship of Dion.

It could only help the Cons.

Steve V said...


Unlike the Conservatives, who just puppet what head office dictates, the Liberals discuss things, argue things, offer points of view, digest, re-consider... I prefer messy over robotic trained seals. You can see it as weakness, but in the end its what always makes it stronger, because it is pushed, preened, evolved. You do the goosestep, I'd rather take a stroll.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Steve V first i would
like to thank you for
not calling me names, but by my name.

To answer you on your post of 10:38 pm. We
the Conservatives don't
puppet what head office dictates. We do believe
in our PM Harper what he says on most issues.

Do you want me to agree
on issues? O.k. here is one that i could agree
on if only they (Liberals) would say or do.

Example if they (Liberals) would come out say that we have a huge government burocracie and that we would cut the fat.I would say that is something i can agree with. I don't see the Liberals or the Cons. saying anything about this.

The Liberals seems to love the UN. I don't like any organization that has been proved to be corrupt.Now you may say that I'M taking the Cons.talking point. What do you expect me to say? I happened to believe most of what the Cons.say its not intentionally its just
the way it is that's all.

I could say the same about the Lib blogs during Veil debate. Every single left wing
blog had the same answers. Now should I've gone around and say that you Libs on the Blogs are spewing
the same talking points
thats crazy.

So why is it when we
agree with the Cons.its
automatic on your side
we are following the Cons.talking points?
That is nuts!!

I don't need talking points from no one i defend my point if people agree with me
then so be it if not then thats I don't consider myself
has a trained seals.

Sorry KNB that I took so much space here. I
hope Steve you don't feel insulted,because
it surly isn't my intention!!

Thank You for reading

Anonymous said...

Everyone its The Terry Fox run here in Montreal
I have a emotional video
about him if you care to see it on my blog thank you.

burlivespipe said...

KnB -- it appears the same conditions that occurred down south - a lazy, compliant MsM fed lines from a crafty, deceiving administration - could easily happen here, despite Canadians' sense of superiority in these regards. As someone plunking away in the smallest depths of it for one of the biggest CON repeatists (Canwest), I'm amazed and discouraged, and likely should be tagged naive.
The Van Sun has been playing up the veil story, front page headlines et al, and down-playing the adscam story, to a 2" filler. The chain's decision to cancel CP only eliminates the possibility of a different voice. That the likes of TRIWIA seem to enjoy chortling both that 'liberal media bias' and then be part and parcel of the conduits that fuel the stories gives me great consideration to quit the biz.
But as you say, Monday's story hasn't been written yet. Hopefully the tongue-wagging will play in our favour for a change...