Thursday, August 17, 2006

What AIDS Conference? Let's play golf!

This is not another rant about the PM, exactly, but it certainly speaks to priorities. I just heard on the news, that Canada will not be making any funding announcements at the Conference. There will be an announcement in the weeks to come. What??? We have the largest group of professionals and activists gathered together in our country and we're not going to tell them what Canada is prepared to do to help them? After all the ridiculing our Gov't, (meaning we the people), has received for being missing in action, Harper's team decides to further make us look ridiculous by doing this? What a heinous snub to those who really care about the greatest humanitarian crisis we have known.

I thought this PM was supposed to be intelligent? I keep reading what a great strategist he is. He looks to me like a child that didn't get the response he wanted, so he took the public cheque book and went home.

Do you want to know the real kicker? Just after having heard that news, my husband came home from playing golf. Guess who was on the course at the same time....Tony Clement!!!

Yep, they're very engaged on this subject, they realise the importance of the issue, just as long as it doesn't interfere with their tee off time!


Karen said...

And you my dear are too blinded by your devotion to recognise the colossal failure of leadership, this PM has shown.

With each petulant decision he makes, he further reduces our reputation in the world.

Darren McEwen said...


I guess this puts Harper in a class with Chretien? I'm sure Conservatives are basking in that bucket of glory.

Chretien should have went and we're not proud of that, maybe you are.

Karen said...

Just curious ex-ndip, how old were you in '96? Did you rail then?

5th Estate said...

YAY! I just replied to your comment on my blog (basically "why I have I gone partially Canadian")and was trying to find you via your link but Blogspot wasn't responding properly so I just replied in my own comments section). Now all is well it seems (excluding the imminence of Armageddon of course--and even that has an "upside" apparently).

Anywhoo.."irregardless" (one of my favorite pseudo-words!) of the resemblance of 'Chretien' to 'cretin" and 'Harper' to 'harpie'. what is it about golf that saeems to attract those who are given important jobs to spend significant amounts of their time--during the work day!--knocking balls into holes with sticks? In my professional ecxperience such activities were indulged on our own time and at our own expense and completely absent of hatching significant plots during casual conversation between holes and strokes and whatnot. IMHO, and to quote Ian McKellan's GANDALF, golf is "altogether E-viLLL!"

Be that as it may, well-done on attracting the attention of "ex-ndip". Consider it a badge of honour to have a dissonant and contrary voice at your doorstep. When all agree and everything is certain, then will we not all be the poorer for it> Except Golf. Golf is "altogether, E-viLL!"

Karen said...

Glad you found your way back 5th. I responded to you at your blog.

Golf is E-vill, lol. Frankly, I'd say my husband thinks it's his religion!

Saskboy said...

Offtopic, but there's a slight error in your translation code. The Get This Code link should be for Mouse's site, but it has your address when I point to it, so it goes nowhere.

Nathan Hewitson said...

Ex-Ndip: I till you still have that Tory charm. "Yes, my leader blows, but yours did that same thing." What happened to trying to be better than the other guy? Jesus, you people have no ambition of self-betterment whatsoever. You people crack me up. Chretien should have been there ten years ago, Harper should have been there this time. They both failed, don't point fingers at one or the other because they both let us down.

5th Estate said...

long time, no post! Having just discovered your blog I'm a smidge bereft. No doubt you are busy with the "fambly" and all that that entails most espcially during the summer months.
I on the other hand have no such worthy excuse. But I'm glad to see you nontheless flinging your comments about hither and yon, and thanks so much for your kind comments on RT's super-fabulous blog regarding my blog (which seems to passing through the doldrums lately). So I'm looking forward to your next posting, not because of your compliments to me but because I totally agree with everything you say as long as it has nothing to do with Canadian politics which I'm still trying to understand :D