Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Once again today, a lame Conservative backbencher, Kramp maybe?, rose to deliver what he clearly thinks is his ever so clever slag on the leader of the opposition in Members statements. His seat mates looked like a nursery school class who had just finished their chocolate milk and were eagerly awaiting the end of his story. The Speaker isn't cutting these statements off yet so I suppose the Conservatives really think they've pulled one over on him and everyone else. I don't need to elaborate on just how pathetic this crew really is, do I?


I caught a bit of the committee meeting today where the PBO, Kevin Page spoke truth to power. It was interesting to say the least and this government is no doubt ruing the day they came up with this position. As if to make my point, Mike Wallace, (famous for yawning and picking his teeth during meetings...I know, ugh), piped up with deep questions like, 'why don't you ever talk about the good stuff?' 'Why do you only focus on the negative?'

Go Mikey!


In QP, backbencher Joe Preston asked Pierre 'the ever petulant' Poilievre, what was new at Elections Canada? I knew what was coming but thought that maybe he'd be cut off, or the Speaker might disallow the response since he'd shut down the NDP for asking EC questions the day before. But, Milliken let it go so Pierre got up and with feigned horror, suggested that the evil Liberals, the leader of the party in fact, was trying to get those terrible 'elites' to pony up ton's of money for the party. He's so incensed in fact, that he is going to file a complaint I tell you!

I for one vote that he should have to file it personally to Marc Mayrand and stick around to answer a few questions...if you get my meaning?

Ignatieff's response, for the record.


There were a couple of articles earlier today that spoke to the passage of the Estimates and Ignatieff's apparent 'climb down' on the $3B so called 'slush fund' put forward by the Conservatives.

I for one can't deny that the optics were not good and I wasn't happy, but at this point I'm going to park my criticism there. It wasn't about saying one thing and doing another, but it certainly came off that way and it gave the press an opening. I hope lessons were learned.

In terms of the facts? Well, the party is still doing as it said it would and we are not living in the same time that we were when Dion was leader. Pushing an election now would be beyond ridiculous, so I see the Liberals doing what they must and frankly what they should. Accountability is the name of the game and with Toew's snubbing his nose at the motion brought forth by the Liberals, guess who is cornering the market on that front?

My sense is that the Conservatives, with all their cockiness, are backing themselves into a corner. Harper is bound to get ugly if and when he realises that.

That never turns out well.


WesternGrit said...

Great post KNB...

Karen said...

It's tough to list everything that happens without writing a tome, ;).

RuralSandi said...

I remember Chretien in an interview, following Dion's win as leader, saying that given enough time Harper will hang himself. Now, perhaps Chretien was right and we all know his instincts were excellent.

You see, if Harper is not forthcoming and accountable with that $3 billion, the Libs and auditor general will be on his case.

RuralSandi said...

Whoops, meant to mention - the issue of the CBC. Del Mastro's riding is Peterborough and they have their own local TV station via the CBC and I'm wondering what will happen there?