Friday, March 13, 2009

Less Harper, More Reality

This is a rather clever take off on the newly minted site put up by the Harper government. While there are fewer photos of Harper than on the original , the interactive portions of the site bring some interesting facts to light.

You know, I heard Flaherty claim the other day that they, the Conservatives, had this idea before the Obama team released theirs in the US.

Seriously. He said that with a straight face. I on the other hand couldn't stop laughing.

Oh and if you haven't yet seen the new GritGirl vid with some more reality, here you go:

h/t - The Liberal Bag for the Inaction site.


Ted Betts said...

Notice how it is not "Canada's New Government" or "Canada's Government" anymore? It's not your government or my government now: it's "the Harper Government".

The arrogance.

It's like Harper wants to own the incompetence all by himself and not share the discredit with any of his caucus. Hmmmm. Maybe that's it: knowing he is out the door shortly, this idea came from caucus so they could protect their own reputations!

Anonymous said...

Of course we're losing jobs in this country. We're not a Island. But there are a couple facts that you've forgot to mention.

First our unemployment rateis lower than that of the U.S.

Secondly the international organization IMF has said
that Canada is best-equipped to weather the global recession.

You can read it hereand here. In other words we are doing better than other countries whether you like to admit it or not. No I'm not down playing the economic crisis here.

Ted Betts said...

Selective reading of the report Right.

But we can debate which part of the IMF's opinion we want to. We can't argue with facts and the facts say that Canada is not doing better than others.

We are losing jobs at double the rate Americans are. Our unemployment rate is pretty close but we are losing them faster now so we will go higher than them soon, sadly.

Our GDP is about the same as any other nation and lower than the US.

Our GDI is well off the international comparisons.

Our investments in infrastructure, science and technology and stimulus generally is way way off others.

Face it. Harper doesn't know what he's doing and he's out there madly lashing out blaming everyone else - the US, Obama, the Liberals, all the while telling us he's done nothing wrong.

That's our 'pass the buck' PM for you.

To highlight the point, yesterday at the Manning Centre conference, Harper defined conservativism as "Freedom, Family and Faith", giving himself 3 Fs.

Notice how he didn't say "Fiscally Responsible" is a value or trait of conservatives. He must think that is something only Liberals care about.

Well, Canadians are about to give him and his record one big whopping "F" soon enough.

sassy said...

The clip and the website are both good. Nice to see the truth travelling fast (for a change). ;)

Steve V said...

Canada has lost 40% more jobs than the Americans in the last three months, and Ontario is well above the American unemployment %. Don't forget that "Right", although I'm sure you will.

Also, Canada recorded it's worst export/import numbers in history today, just another pesky fact for people's consideration.

About the only thing Harper can take credit for, is having inherited sound Liberal policy. The banking system comments are hilarious, given he voted against Martin's regulations. Thank god Harper wasn't in charge then...

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does this "we're better off than anyone else" line that's being parroted sound strangely familiar.

Perhaps like that "We're not in a deficit!" insistence late last summer and into the autumn.

I seem to recall folks like The Right being quite incensed that someone would even suggest things weren't all they seemed.

Just a casual observation.

Red Tory said...

The Dumb is Where it's At and other Conservative knobs seem not to appreciate the difference between the rates as they now stand and the pace of job loss over the last few months, which has been more rapid and has cut deeper (during those comparable months) here than in the U.S.

Red Tory said...

p.s. CTV/Globe Media deep-sixed that video.

Karen said...

Yeah, I just saw that the vid was xl'd. Funny how CTV seemed to keep the Dion vids up put out by the Con's.

Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Our unemployment rate is lower than that of the U.S.
It isn't selective reading.
I'M just pointing out the facts. IMF in which it isn't
controlled by Mr.Harper also says that Canada is best-equipped to weather the global recession. This isn't selective reading. You guys are doing a fine job in selective reading.

When i read that Canada recorded it's worst export/import numbers in history today. I really have to laugh even if it's not a laughing matter.

Canada is an exporting country. If our biggest trading partner the in a major recession of course it's going to effect our exports. Are you going to blame Mr.Harper for the problems of the U.S. too?

I didn't say that we should be breaking out the champagne. I could just imagine what you people would be saying if our unemployment rate was higher than that of the U.S.or if the IMF would have said that Canada is worst-equipped to weather the global recession. Oh well...

Karen said...

Joseph, additionally, I find the whole 'we're doing better than them' line meaningless. Who do you suppose has lost a job here cares what's going on in Finland at the moment?

I'm being extreme, but I just think it's a ridiculous tack to take...but then we are talking about tone deaf Harper.

Karen said...

Right, as I just said to Joseph...who cares? Go tell the guy down the street that lost his job of 25 years that the US rate is slightly higher than Canada's right now and see if he cares.

As others have pointed out, it's the speed and the depth of job loss that is increasing in this country.

As for blaming Harper...he's taking credit for all and sundry, he's going to wear the blame too.

Anonymous said...

"Right, as I just said to Joseph...who cares? Go tell the guy down the street that lost his job of 25 years that the US rate is slightly higher than Canada's right now and see if he cares."

There's no question KNB that,that person wouldn't care. You can say the same thing in an economic boom. If you lose your job to you,it's the worst thing that could happen.

Believe me I know first hand. When your boss calls you into his office and tells you that he has no choice but to let you go,because of the competition of the Asian markets. It hits you like a tone of bricks. Even worse
when you have to confront your office workers and friends to tell them that you are leaving not on vacation but for good. I remember that day,it wasn't that long ago.

When your friends and coworkers gather around you to say good bye to you... I actually had to sit down put my head on my desk and cry. I cried all the way home in my car that day. It was one of my worst days of my life. So when I see all this doom and gloom coming from mostly the liblogs, and not to mention any glimmer of hope when the people from IMF mentions them,because by doing so you would have to give some credit to the Harper government. That I have a problem with.Well there it is part of my life story;)

sassy said...

I think the same(?) video is still available here. At least it was at 8:05 EST.

sassy said...

Me again - my bad, wrong video.

sassy said...

If I seem confused, it's because I am.

Just found this. (three videos, one of which is Friday the 13th, loaded just an hour ago)

Karen said...

Got it Sassy and have changed it here.

Thanks very much.

Red Tory said...
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Red Tory said...

Nothing worse than being hit with the tone of bricks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry a ton of bricks,happy now professor?

RuralSandi said...

We're better off than other countries - well, doesn't that make you feel better - it's like being very sick and very, very sick. In the end, you're still sick.

Stupid or what.