Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jack's Joke

All the nattering that Layton and the NDP are doing is surely a joke right? I mean, you can't go on for years screaming at the top of your lungs that you are not going to support the government, now way, no how, never, then spin on a dime! Even to go so far as to make a declaration that you'd vote against a budget bill without having read it, then suddenly say, wellllll, this time we are going to try to make parliament work.

I'm afraid it's laugh out loud funny. To begin with, it lays bare what has been common knowledge for some time now and that is the NDP have voted against the government, because they could. Period. They hid behind the Liberals and now they know they can't.

How can Jack look into a camera lens and keep a straight face while essentially saying, I haven't been interested in making parliament work for almost 4 years, but, I think it's time to try.

It's ridiculous of course and I almost feel sympathy, except for the fact that Jack's being too clever by half a few years ago got us into this mess in the first place.

The NDP do not want an election. The way this is shaping up, the daunting majority talk, out there reduces their chances if it catches on as an idea. Additionally, and for this I do cut them some slack because lord knows the Liberals have been there, financially, things aren't great for that party.

I also suspect that this will be Jack's last kick at the can, especially if he does worse than last go around. That said, that could be said of all the leaders, though ironically Ignatieff has the best chance of sticking around if seat numbers improve.

Hmm, wouldn't it be interesting if the Lib's took a minority and the two other majors were involved leadership races?

Oh how the worm turns.

I will tell you this. I will never again (not that I ever did) take a sanctimonious lecture from the NDP about voting in the House. Our system is not ideal and in minority governments 'we the people' are often left out, but it is what is and certain practicalities are self evident.


Steve V said...

When I heard Brad Lavigne echo Harper on EI today, I knew these are amazing times indeed.

Karen said...

Lavigne's face was telling. Gawd, the news person, can't remember her name said something inadvertently and Brad jumped on her lap like a cat purring to it's mistress.

It was bizarre.

Amazing times? Oh yeah! Up is down and black is white and both the Con's and NDP have fallen down the rabbit hole.

The Lib's aren't home free but they have honesty on their side at this point.

Anonymous said...

I believe there's an "a" missing in the title :-)

And thanks for continuing to allow anonymous posters!

Karen said...

Fully intentional anon. Glad you got it!

I have great anon commenters as it happens and those that aren't differentiate themselves quickly.

And so it goes....

Anonymous said...

Jack's in bit of a box, partly of his own bombast, but partly because of the math. He's probably looking at half of his caucus being wiped out in the next election, starting with that annoying Mulcair fella.

Karen said...

Anon 2...we live in hope ;)