Saturday, September 12, 2009

Divisive, Dishonest and Disrepectful

Yesterday, I mentioned a government ad that contained a line that seems to cross the line in terms of the neutrality required by gov't. The ad is contained in this news clip and the line is, 'but we have to stay on track'. That's a line of course that the Conservatives have been pushing for a while now.

What's galling about it to me is, that I don't believe for a minute that it was slipped in there not meant to be noticed. No, my sense is that they deliberately flout the rules because they know by the time it's challenged, it will have done it's work.

So it is with other ads I've seen. Watching Kory Teneycke squirm on CTV's Power Play yesterday when questioned about a new ad, was an indication that they are fully aware of the dishonesty they are putting in front of Canadians.

The ad in question is one where they use a quote made by Justin Trudeau, 2006, during the leadership convention. He was supporting Gerrard Kennedy at the time. He's asked about Ignatieff and explains why then, in 2006, he didn't support him. You can watch it here.

The Conservatives have taken that clip and put it out there as if Trudeau said it yesterday. Out of context. Teneycke actually goes on to say, that it's not taken out of context. Huh? Is it possible that the Conservatives don't understand what context is? No, but it is likely that they willfully pretend not to understand it.

That my friends is dishonest.

Do they stop there? No, of course not. In fact, all of the ads and vids, some of which even some Liberals seem to have fallen for, do precisely the same thing.

Take this gem, for instance. Would you like some context around that quote? It's from a presser that Ignatieff held after being chosen as interim leader. Here's the transcript.

Mr. Ignatieff. Roger Smith from ctv.>> Question: MR. Ignatieff, I guess the question on a lot of people's mind today is whether the coalition -- your MP's seem to be parroting your mantra, a coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition. In practical terms, in this situion, with a non-confidence vote coming up in january, what does that mean?

The Hon. Michael Ignatieff:

Roger, that means that I told the caucus this morning very clearly I will vote - I am prepared to vote non-confidence in this government. And I am prepared to enter in to a coalition government with our partners if that is what the governor-general asks me to do. But I also made it clear to the caucus this morning that no party can have the confidence of the country if it decides to vote now against a budget that it hasn't even read. So the ball is in mr. Harper's court. And I'm delighted to hear that the caucus was disciplined.

So, in December and given all the nonsense that we knew the government had been involved in, Ignatieff said that he was prepared to lead a coalition if and only if, the GG asked him to.

Kinda changes the vid doesn't it? Again, context really is everything.

Then we have the talking points, that the Conservatives are putting out there. Not ads yet, maybe, but still dishonest. Here's a little myth busting:

MYTH: An election would imperil economic recovery.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says an election would "screw up" the fragile economic recovery.

But that's not the view on Bay St. There, it elicits laughter.

"You believe that?" blurted Avery Shenfeld, senior analyst at CIBC World Markets.

National political campaigns are not a cause for concern on Bay Street, he said.

"We don't typically see a lot of financial market or business response to Canadian elections," which, Shenfeld noted, "don't tend to be revolutionary."

MYTH: The Liberals will wrest power from the Conservatives by joining in a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc Québécois.

"If we do not win a majority, this country will have a Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists," Harper told party faithful recently.

But Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who spurned the coalition idea after taking over last winter, continues to deny having any interest in it.

"Let me be very clear – the Liberal party would not agree to a coalition," he said yesterday.

MYTH: A Liberal proposal to make it easier for laid-off workers to obtain Employment Insurance would be irresponsibly costly.

The Liberals want to ease employment insurance rules to help laid-off workers who cannot qualify for EI payments.

Reducing eligibility to 360 hours of work would allow another 150,000 to qualify for jobless benefits, the Liberals say, at a cost of $1.5 billion.
But the Conservatives have ridiculed that estimate, saying it would run up Ottawa's EI bill by a massive $4 billion annually.

Arguing that this tally by cabinet minister Diane Finley was vastly exaggerated, the Liberals asked Kevin Page, the independent parliamentary budget officer, to analyze their proposal.

Yesterday, Page estimated the 360-hour standard would have a $1.1 billion annual price tag.

MYTH: An election will cheat Canadians out of their home renovation tax credit.

Harper and other Conservatives have raised the spectre that an election call could nullify the tax credit program for home renovations this year.

That's because the measure, though promoted widely, has yet to become law. Conservatives plan to introduce a ways and means motion soon for that purpose.

However, Liberals say they'll no longer support the minority government, meaning defeat of the Conservatives could come first.

Not to worry, Liberals say.

"We support the home renovation tax credit ... and will ensure Canadians are able to claim (it) in 2009 no matter what," spokesman Jean-François Del Torchio said.

So, bravo to the Star for holding the Conservatives to account. There was too little of that during the last election and I see this as an encouraging sign. Meaning, more rigour being employed, something I think we all benefit from.

Lastly, I leave you with an article published today that some on the Conservative side of the the blogosphere and twitter have mischaracterized, or simply once again don't understand context...accidentally on purpose.

Some of what is contained in the article, we've already debunked, but it's this line that has people on the right all excited:

However, when asked whether he excluded a coalition with the opposition parties if the result of an election were another Conservative minority, Ignatieff called it a hypothetical question he didn't "like."

You see, they interpret that to mean, that he didn't want to be clear...didn't like the question, is evading the question again, blah, blah, blah.

All I can say people is, lighten up and discover the joys of having a sense of humour. When you see the clip, it is clear that the hypothetical he doesn't like is the prospect of Harper holding yet another minority.

Who could blame him?


Blue Yukon said...

Thank you - your post is exactly what is going on with our dishonest and disrespectful Tory government. They are not governing for the people of Canada, they are constanting lying about what Liberals stand for and what Liberals say so they can keep a hold of their control in the House of Commons, and soon the upper chamber.

It is really motivating me to step up the fight to stop Harper and get him out of the PMO. Each and every lie, each and every day, we need to call him out. Canada does not need a divisive, dishonest and disrespectful leader and Zoloft-addicted lemmings.

Karen said...

Excellent Blue Yukon and welcome aboard!

I look forward to your posts and fight for honesty in this country again.

Motivation through exposure is what it's all about now.

cari said...

I think it is getting progressively
worse, if this is at all possible.
The is something that Tony Clment said about Harper, when the leadership race was on. That is a good one! I have always had fears about Harper but that tape is scary.

Karen said...

Cari, that tape is Harper. His most loyal flack, Tom Flanagan confirmed it...thing is, why don't Canadians know that?

I've known it since the first election of the man.

It's not all the media's fault, but they were lazy imo. We weren't strong enough either.

Hopefully, we are seeing a shift here.

RuralSandi said...

The media have been absolutely pounding the fact that people are very angry about the possibility of an election, each is writing or saying we don't need one and apparently, Layton is going to bend - he'll be on ConTV's, Question Period tomorrow.

So, who exactly are the media talking to about a possible election? All Canadians, or deciding by the polls that always say people don't want an election?

It would be interesting if some brave soul on TV would do an investigative sort of report on political ads and how things are taken out of context, but hey, our weak media won't do that.

Anonymous said...

If I called you a "jerk" a year ago, what makes you think I still don't think you're a "jerk"? That's not taking anything out of context. Same thing as Liberals using Harper's words years ago and saying he still thinks that way. And Ignatieff saying he's an American and supports torture. Does he still or has he recanted. So for you to say that quote is taken our of context is a typical Liberal "we need to be in power" attitude.

Karen said...

Prairie Kid, if I called you a jerk...uh, 3 years ago and you asked me today what I thought...well not in your case, but another's and I'd gotten to know you and changed my opinion, that's valid.

That is not what is going on here though. Justin was promoting his guy and didn't know Ignatieff. He responded to how he feels today.

The problem with the latter part of your argument is that Harper proved with the recent tape that he still does feel the same way.

What is it with you guys and truth. You do know what it means right?

The question is rhetorical.

Kim Leaman said...

Not only is it apparant that the media is too lazy to do Due dilligence, they can be downright deceptive.

Let me give you an example to add Context:

CTV's Lloyd Robertson opened a segement the other day (late last week) with this: "Canadians do not want an election this Fall, something that would bring the business of government to a halt.........

No context, and no disclaimer. Just CTV looking out for it's own interests.

And I am far from convinced that CTV's interests are Canada's interests.

Anonymous said...

What is it with you guys and the CBC and the tape? Doesn't everybody in politics want to win? And what is said on the tape that is supposed to be so damaging?

1. Left wing judges who shame the legal system by letting idiots go free so they can re-offend?

2. Socialists who want Canada to be a Communist country?

3. Separatists who want no part of Canada?

Please tell me what this tape contains that you think is so damaging to Harper?

And only the CBC and the Toronto Star and Liberals still think this story matters to Canadians . . . it doesn't.

What matters to Canadians is will someone who they might vote for want to stay in Canada or will he abandon ship like he did years ago.

Omar said...

Your breadth of knowledge is awe inspiring, Prairie Kid. Do you even know what a Socialist is? I have an idea, why don't you read a fucking book or something. Moron.

Anonymous said...

The so-called tape was an aberration to what Canada believes. Canada is more of a liberal country, looseley put. As for there being nothing wrong with the tape, perhaps only to a die hard Reformer. Over 60% do not like that lying , vindictive Harper , and the tape is truth.

Steve V said...

"What matters to Canadians is will someone who they might vote for want to stay in Canada or will he abandon ship like he did years ago."

Actually, that only matters to the National Post and Conservatives. Sort of undercut yourself there, but I'm sure you missed that entirely.

penlan said...

PK wrote:

"1. Left wing judges who shame the legal system by letting idiots go free so they can re-offend?

2. Socialists who want Canada to be a Communist country?"

Huh??? Your complete ignorance is showing PK. But then again that seems to be a common trait with Harper supporters.

penlan said...


That is a great pic of Harper. It completely reveals his vitriolic nature.

Northern PoV said...

Well, the attack ads misquoting or selectively quoting the Liberals are kinda par-for-the-course about now. Proof that Harper has made Canada into "a country we no longer recognize".
ie The media and voters have let Harper and his band of thugs kill civil discourse in this country.
I don't believe Iggy's "Worldview" and "Jobs" ads are going to have much traction in the current atmosphere and I believe that much uglier pitches from our side will be necessary to combat the sludge coming from the PMO and its abettors.

What really has me steamed are the "Action Plan" ads that serve to bolster the Cons message, cloaked as public service announcements. I survived the Harris years in Ontario and I remember that

Northern PoV said...

Whoops ....
... about the Action Plan ads...
The Harris gov't turned every piece of gov't communications/PSAs (and created a bunch of news ones) into propaganda for his "Non-sense Revolution".

Harper Harris retreads have been very active in Ottawa.

Now if Iggy ran an ad where he showed what is going on:
* the 10%ers
* this (and other) PSA ads
* etc

and promised to kill it, in a very public way for all future gov'ts, such that it will be difficult to do again (another independent commissioner of Parliament for ex)...
Perhaps it would wake up some of the folks bamboozled by this stuff and motivate the 1M Liberal voters who sat on their hands last time around.

FredfromBC said...

Blogger KNB said...

Cari, that tape is Harper. His most loyal flack, Tom Flanagan confirmed it...thing is, why don't Canadians know that?


It's pretty obvious that Canadians quite simply don't agree with you, isn't it?

And about all those "outlier" polls we've been having lately...or are you now ready to admit that the numbers are real?

Sorry, but Liberal DOES NOT equal Canadian. It never did; you people just convinced yourselves that you were the 'Natural Governing Party'. You were wrong, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going to prove it to you when he wins the next election.

FredfromBC said...

As for there being nothing wrong with the tape, perhaps only to a die hard Reformer. Over 60% do not like that lying , vindictive Harper , and the tape is truth.


And yet Stephen Harper comes out far ahead of any other party leader in every personal popularity or leadership poll so far. So if "over 60%" really don't like the Prime Minister, then about 70% don't like Ignatieff and 80% can't stand Layton.