Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where Is Your Money Going?

Here is the headline:

Tories spend 5 times more on ads than H1N1 prevention

Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

The Conservative government is spending more than five times as many taxpayer dollars on promoting its economic plan as it is on raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

And that's once again raising a long-standing question: when does government advertising cross the line into partisan boosterism?

Television viewers may have noticed the latest feel-good government ads about stimulus spending, including the Conservative-friendly, anti-election pitch: "We can't stop now," and "We have to stay on track."

All the ads direct viewers to a Tory-blue government website that includes more than 40 different photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and refers repeatedly to "the Harper government" – apparently in direct contravention of Treasury Board communications policy.

Again, in direct contravention of a policy or guideline? I cannot for the life of me understand how this government continues to get away with this stuff.

I'll let you read the rest of the article but will just say this. It is good to see the media finally doing a little more scrutinizing, on issues such as this.

It is long over due and Canadians certainly have a right to know. The government apparently doesn't think so though.

PCO did not respond to a written list of questions from The Canadian Press over a three-day period last week.


Anonymous said...

Okay, but can you put a price on promoting TheGreatestOneEver ?

Anonymous said...

Stimulus spending=$50+ Billion

H1N1 vaccine cost=$400 Million

This so called swine flu pandemic is just another over blown dooms day scenario being promoted by the usual MSM and leftist death cult suspects.

Remember this recession was going to be worse than the Great Depression?

The only depression going on is here at Liblogs.

Karen said...

Anon @1811, blah blah, climate change either right?

Why no outrage at all the law breaking and spending?

It's rhetorical...

Anonymous said...

Did you all get the same email saying that this would be today's big issue to be outraged about? You are all making the same blog post at the same time.

Next time you might want to spread it out a bit to make it look more spontaneous.

Karen said...

Uh, do you read the news? That's where I got the story from and guess what, it's big news.

Gayle said...

KNB - I would just ignore biff/anon. S/he is just trying to derail the thread.

I am happy to see the media are reporting this story. It should right next to the one about how much stimulus money is going to ridings that do not need it.

I think the LPC should be pushing that one - I cannot understand why they are not.

Karen said...

Gayle, I think because it is so difficult to get info from gov't, it's a slow process to accumulate data.

I do know Gerrard Kennedy and his team are working on it.

I have no problem with LPC pushing it. Yes we voted for budget, but that was contingent on targetted and expeditious spending. They are not living up to that expectation.

I also think story should sit beside all the other breaches committed by this gov't.

Anonymous said...

What I find fucked, is that I received a "home renovation" envelope for the tax stupid tax credit. It's a beautiful piece of paper and all that... but I live in an apartment...

Karen said...

c_wtf Really? Out of the blue? That's odd.

I haven't seen one, but maybe it's another expense to all of us in an effort to win over Quebec voters?

Anonymous said...

c_wtf Really? Out of the blue? That's odd.
Every household in the area received those. We still have a mailpersons delivering in our area, and she confirmed this.

wilson said...

Millions of Canadians own, not rent, their apartments.

Consumer confidence is an absolute must, as part of the recovery.
'Feel good' ads are preferable to 'we're all gonna die', no?

Where the first stimulus money went is here on this cool interactive map, from the website. (it takes 5 seconds to load)

Karen said...

c_wtf Hmm. That really is worth looking into.

Still have mail people? Is that unusual? Mý mailman is Rick and he's a great guy who knows everyone. I say it that way, because I thought that was the norm.

When we moved here a few yrs ago, he took the time to introduce himself, etc.

Maybe you are referring to those boxes, which we had at our last place...still knew the mail person though.

Karen said...

wilson, I wouldn't take a nano second to load propaganda.

Seriously, the CPC and followers are now officially insane. Supporting corruption of the public purse. Genius!

And be warned, this is not some rogue civil this comes from the top.

You guys have lied about, decried and relied on this accusation for years. what goes around...

So tired of the BS and so glad it is now coming out.

Karen said...

Carolyn Bennett just confirmed that those envelopes were distributed in Peter Van Loan's riding today, by hand, on doorknobs.

Surely that is crossing the line...sounds like CPC volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, just that map just confirms that Harper is sending money to certain ridings...
Rather devoid around Montreal...

And those listing are USELESS...
nitiative: Refitting Large Coast Guard Vessels
Federal Funding: less than $100K
(In Montreal - on the Island)

This one if funny
Initiative: Infrastructure Stimulus Fund
Federal Funding: between $100K and $1M

Can you be more imprecise? And that "initiative" was a bribe from Fortier long ago...

Anonymous said...

The Liberal grassroots sure are willing to take any kind of abuse, if they had any backbone they would have demanded a democratic leadership race instead of a coronation.


Tomm said...


The $50B should be on a website.

I don't necessarily want an itemized list, but a "something" would be nice.

It is our money.

With respect to advertising the stimulus, I am not sure what to think about it. As I said, it is our money and we should get good information on how and where it is being distributed. The money to do that should be taxpayers money since it was the government that passed the budget and is spending the stimulus.

penlan said...

Saw my first gov. ad on the H1N1 virus yesterday evening. Precautions to take. How interesting timing wise, no?

RuralSandi said...

Here we go - Con trolls and Anons are all over the blogosphere, comments on newspaper articles, radio shows, etc. - attack, call in and attack often - with the PM talking points.

How sad is that to be that gullible and used by the PM.

Wilson - give your partisan head a shake - do you not think with all their (creepy) records that the CPC don't know who rents and who owns? Back to your post-it notes.

If people would stop to think - only those that have money to spend will get a tax break of home renos. If you haven't got any money in the first place, you can't do your renos.

marie said...

attack, call in and attack often - with the PM talking points. You hit it on the head KNB. Harpers are the only words they seem to want to hear. I am saying it again. Harpers support are mainly the Brain drained who are most likely high school drop outs and easily lead by the know the ones living in Red neck country working in the oil fields with no education to speak of if the oil fields went dry. The first ones to go bankrupt and go on welfare and stand in line at the soup kitchens.

Karen said...

Gee, I wonder what brought this on?

penlan said...

From the article you just linked to, KNB:

"Rules on government advertising say it is to be non-partisan and not promote any party or individual.

There are also strict Treasury Board rules on government branding, including using the word Canada in any department or agency name, or including Government of Canada in close proximity.

References to the "Harper government" remained on the website Monday. However only about seven photos of the prime minister remained from the 40-plus available on the weekend."


"Monday evening, the same PCO spokeswoman called The Canadian Press with a single talking point that can in no way be reconciled with the altered appearance of the site:

"We have not removed any pictures of the PM," said Myriam Massabki."

And they STILL blatantly break the rules by keeping the "Harper Govt." intact instead of using "Govt. of Canada".

AND lie about having pulled pics. What is wrong with these people? I hope the media continues to hammer them on this until they get it right.

sjw said...

"We have not removed any pictures of the PM," said Myriam Massabki.

I'd say "unbelievable", but given how this government consistently fabricates and lies on just about everything, I'd be lying to myself with the utterance.

~A co-worker told me this morning that he received a call last evening from the office of our local Conservative MP to enquire as to whether he was contemplating voting for our incumbent in any upcoming election. And in the event of any upcoming election if he'd consider taking a lawn sign. "Greg needs your help" was apparently the solicitous message. This guy isn't political at all, but he was none too impressed to receive this call in the middle of his dinner. He said because she sounded elderly he went easy on her while expressing his displeasure. Yeah, that's certainly respecting Canadians who supposedly don't want an election. It's more than disturbing how easy lying comes to this bunch.

FredfromBC said...

AND lie about having pulled pics. What is wrong with these people? I hope the media continues to hammer them on this until they get it right.


The media quickly lost interest when it was explained to them that the offending pictures were part of a 'Timeline' series of web pages (the site reportedly contains or links to thousands of individual pages) and thus those particular pictures had simply SCROLLED OFF and been replaced by new ones. They are still there, just not in the same place.

Sorry conspiracy here.