Friday, July 20, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, we all know that Harper was in Chile this week and by all reports, things went well.
Apparently, he didn't get much, if any, local press though.
While we often decry the penchant of leaders to seek good press coverage for political gain, in this case, some favourable press about Canada might have been an asset.
It seems that on the heels of this visit, Chile is rather ticked at us and they are protesting in the streets, against a "racist" Canada.
The claims being made by the Chilean players are of course nonsense. One claims that Toronto police threw acid in his face. That will be a little tough to explain without any scars, don't you think?
While this is a silly story and even sillier accusation, it is rather odd that President Bachelet would issue an official directive, having just met with Harper.
I'm not quite sure what to make of that.


Steve V said...

I'm all for a good police brutality story, but this seems like a organized attempt to distract from unacceptable behavior. The Chilean embassy fellow tried to make it sound like these were little children, attacked with no cause. What bothers me, Canada is on the defensive here, and the impetus seems lost.

Red Canuck said...

I saw on CBC news today that David Miller made some remark to a FIFA official that the police may have acted with unnecessary force. WTF??
It's not up to Miller to apologize for the cops, or even to admit any wrongdoing before this thing has been properly investigated. To my mind, using pepper spray and batons to subdue a group of riotous, violent soccer goons seems acceptable, especially in light of some of the past tragedies in European stadiums.
It is the Chileans who should be apologizing for their behaviour.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

I should have watched the game....drat

knb said...

Steve and RC, you're both right and I agree. I doubt that the police did anything wrong.

How it's being reported in Chile, is interesting though.

RC...Did you see Miller say that? I know it was reported, but he came back this afternoon and denied the comment. He said he wasn't there and he'll allow the process to handle it.

knb said... make me smile, in a very good way.

Red Canuck said...

KNB - No, I should have clarified. CBC was interviewing the FIFA official (I can't remember his name), and he made a point of stating that Miller told him that the police may have over-reacted.