Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sadly it Can Always Get Worse

This first vid is of Pat Tillman's mother being interviewed about the lies she has been told by the US Government, with respect to the death of her son.

Here is a vid of part the congressional hearing they got and his brother Kevin speaking. (poor quality)

After this of course, Bush invoked executive privilege, which of course tells us there is more to hide. Okay, all of that is history, now we have this.

The lies we know about by this administration, the ones that have been exposed, are almost beyond comprehension. Imagine what we will learn of as time goes on? Sadly, it may seem unbelievable, but it can get worse.

h/t to Woman at Mile 0 for the recent video.


Anonymous said...

If you're wondering why nobody is commenting, it's probably shock and disbelief. I have checked back here multiple times since you posted it, hoping someone will comment with something that could make some sense.

I have no idea what to think about the possibility Tillman was shot in the head by a fellow soldier standing 10 feet away.

I don't want to think its possible, but I have my doubts as to what is the reality in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I no longer believe this is an impossible scenario or that, if true, would never be covered up. Sadly, I think it entirely possible as facts that continue to bleed out on all facets of the current US administration's tactics and mode of operation.

Anonymous said...

Anon the reason no one has comment because there is nothing to be said i don't know what you want us to say unless we get all the facts of this case,then everything is speculation about this terrible tragedy. Anon please sign your post,because it would make your post more personal then using anonymous thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

My name is Joe.

I really didn't mean to imply there was some magic answer. I'd just wish I could know it couldn't be possible and would love someone to prove that it isn't. I want to read that the soldier clutching the ground near him (the one that has already said a chaplain who mis-quoted him in newly released records never even spoke to him) says it just isn't possible he could have been shot on purpose because he knows the soldiers were on a ridge in the distance.

I want to read that the original army's reports that the bullet wounds were not actually consistent with someone standing 10 feet away with an assault weapon.

I want some video evidence yet unreleased show the firing was from a long distance away through smoke and dust.

It won't bring him back, but it might ease his family's conscience in small part.

But you are right, I didn't really expect that anyone here would just "have the answer" though sometimes people do point out new evidence being reported. That is all I meant when I said I've been coming back to the post. I've been busy all day.

I certainly did not mean it any accusatory fashion; I apologize if it sounded like that.

I think more than anything, I'm just worn out by all of this anymore. I've always been politically aware, and I grew up being very proud of the country of my birth - the US. I even served in the military by choice, and was proud to do it.

But I've never felt so angry, and so hurt, that so many citizen's best intentions and strongest beliefs have been used, and abused.

It physically hurts, and I wish I could regain the sense of trust I once had. But with every passing month, the revelations just keep coming. I pride myself a critical thinker, and I don't believe in paranoid speculation. But some of the facts are getting to be undeniable. The US has really lost its way on this one, and defintely is far off any moral compass in which I was taught to believe.


knb said...

Joe, I agree with your first comment, re' the shock and disbelief. I was stunned, but sadly not surprised.

My personal opinion is that your current administration has no moral compass, which obviously is a tragedy in itself for the American people.

But I've never felt so angry, and so hurt, that so many citizen's best intentions and strongest beliefs have been used, and abused.

Well said.

I appreciate your comments and they did not sound accusatory. I'm frustrated by this, by the war in Iraq, by your Government and it's duplicity, but I've no doubt what I feel pales in comparison to your experience. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe you have nothing to apologize for i don't know why your apologizing !! I was just stating that unless we get all the facts then we are just speculating that's all.

Joe are you American?
KNB with her last paragraph on her 4:17 p.m. post left me with the impression that you are, not there is anything wrong with it just asking that's all !! By the KNB hi !!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Joe here.

Yes, I'm American, born and raised. I have a lot of respect for Canada though, like to keep abreast of what's going on up north . . .

You have a beautiful country, really incredible. More Americans should visit and see just how nice it is.

Nice people too, by and large.