Monday, July 23, 2007

We Knew it Wasn't "New"

The Hill Times, July 23rd, 2007

Some 75% say Tories should drop the 'Canada's New Government' title: poll
Innovative Research Group poll also found 56% think the PM is a micro-manager and 26% like his take-charge style

A number of conservative bloggers and commenters, continue to insist that this government was right to use the term "New". It's good to know that they are in the minority and that most Canadians see it as foolish. In fact, 38% saw it as never having been appropriate, because of course, the Government of this country is a permanent institution.

In spite of polls such as these, some Conservatives will continue to defend this silly move, with twisted logic.

But Tim Powers, a Tory strategist disagreed. "The government is still new, thus the term, because the previous government was in place for 13 years and this one's only been there for 18 months so relatively that is new,"

Of course, Mr. Powers is paid to hold such opinion, so you can't really fault him, but I'm sure we'll see his logic used again.

The article also goes on to speak to Mr. Harper's style.

The poll results also show that 56 per cent of the respondents view Prime Minister Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) as "a micro-manager who controls all communications from the government by keeping a lid on his ministers, sticking to a tight script and not having any spontaneity in interaction with the media" and 26 per cent see him as a "take-charge leader who insists on all his ministers communicating the same message by controlling what is said and by sticking to a tight script."

As a result, few cabinet ministers were known to the public. When asked who was the best Minister, 49% didn't know, 6% thought it was Flaherty. When asked who was the worst, 40% didn't know, 10% said Baird.

The last bit of information provided by the survey concerned the byelections. 43% said it was extremely or very important that they be run simultaneously. 21% said somewhat, 19% said not very important, 9% said not at all.

All in all, it would seem that the Conservatives, (as it relates to the issues contained in this survey), are playing well to their base and that's it.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely no goddamn way; the bastards wear this one for eternity! It's their juice so let 'em stew in it 'til hell freezes over.

Red Tory said...

It sounds bad when politicians still refer to the "new" government doing this or that, but even more asinine when it comes from civil servants who have to issue memoranda and official notices using this silly expression. I'm certain they must cringe every time they have to do so.

Steve V said...

You know was just having fun with that erased comment, right :)