Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Senator Speaks Out

It would seem that Senator Campbell has had enough of the partisan sniping coming from the Harper government. Most recently, Rob Nicholson and Stockwell Day, used the death of 11 yr. old Efraim Brown to push their propaganda.

Senator Campbell isn't standing for it. I wonder if more Senators will start speaking out?


billg said...

No, most Senators wont speak up, because they'll loose. Funny, when I heard the usual crap from Mcguinty and Miller and Bryant about banning legal hand guns because an illegal hand gun was used...again...in a senseless killing, there werent too many left blogs accusing Miller and Bryant of playing politics. So, make up your mind, either your upset at all politicians for doing what they normally do, or, just upset at a few.

knb said...

Politicians, for the most part will be just that.

The difference here is that Harper and co. are lying, (again), in saying that the Senate is holding up the passage of the bills. They aren't.

No, most Senators wont speak up, because they'll loose.

Lose what? Nothing to lose for calling the government on their lies.

wilson said...

ONLY 1/10th of 1% of all legal firearms are lost or stolen.

Not a strong spring board for the Senators to launch a campaign for the removal of (law abiding) citizens rights to enjoy private property and join clubs.

SCoC has made a number of recent rulings that could be used to nab the guns in the hands of the criminals, instead of out of legally owned locked gun cases.

Ex: setting up road blocks (after 911 call suggesting a black man had a gun at a public place) in a dragnet fashion (stop everyone, no search warrant) was ruled NOT to be a civil liberty violation.

So use the law, encourage people to call 911 when a gun is waved, and catch the bad guys holding OR with a gun with in reach (another ruling) and leave the target shooters and farmers alone.
ONLY 1/10th of 1% of all legal firearms are lost or stolen. Not grounds for a ban by any stretch of the imagination.

knb said...

Provide a valid link wilson, then I'll engage.

Do not make the mistake of providing pro-gun lobbyist group as a link.

Try taking comments from the Police...yeah, those people who actually deal with it.

Scotian said...

"ONLY 1/10th of 1% of all legal firearms are lost or stolen. Not grounds for a ban by any stretch of the imagination." Wilson 7:08 PM


Notice that the stat is for firearms, not handguns, yet the discussion is about banning only handguns is it not? I was unaware that there was any attempt to pass legislation that would ban long-gun/rifles, so why bring in a stat that includes them? A point to ponder, eh KNB? And on that note I am calling it a night, I'll check in the morning to see whether there is a response, if not then in the evening. Take care.

knb said...

Indeed Scotian. In fact the discussion really started about the Senator exposing that Harper and co. lie, when speaking about their crime bills.

Harper supporters don't speak to that issue of course, they change the channel and defend their guns.

Frank Frink said...

Larry's never been a wallflower so no surprise that he's speaking his mind.

If the right wants to play the 'soft on law & order' card on Larry they will have picked the wrong Senator.

knb said...

frank, my hope is that they have chosen the party, period.

The US dialogue has no place here. I know it's not new, but it's gaining legs and the press isn't helping.

Anonymous said...

People please because criminals use firearms (Handguns) to commit their crimes we need to automatic ban handguns that's crazy it's insane. Why isn't anyone saying that the people who committed this crime should be put to prison for the rest of their natural lives. Why don't you all talk about our broken down justice system that failed the poor victim and his family here. I guarantee you that the people that committed this horrible crime was not the first time they did any violent crime. Now i now that some of you have ask what is the purpose of a handgun it's irrelevant,because people do collect them like they do cars and etc....Don't come and say that the handgun was invented to kill humans i know this.People you should ask yourself this question what do you think the poor mother of this boy would say we should do with the people
who murder their son? Now i don't want to put words
in her mouth but I'm sure
it would be something like this life in prison
with no parole. I'm sure we have people in jail today that don't belong there and people who not in jail that should be. I'll give you an example we have people who are in jail today because they can't pay their fines $$$ and people like Karla Homolka who are walking the streets free as a bird and we pray and hope
that she will not offend again and if she would
offend again this time with a handgun everyone
on the left will come out and say ban handguns not
asking why she is not in prison i surely hope that she will never offend again.Now if you don't think that our justice system isn't broken then i don't know what is.Lets start to fix the system first before we start talking about banning this and that what do you say hu? We don't need to have a death penalty to fix the system. Any comments please ?