Friday, July 27, 2007

Sometimes it Takes Laughter to Keep Us Honest

Hmmm, can we draw any parallels here?


James said...


I see the parallels here. Dion's ability to work with former leadership rivals as well as the leader of the Green party, Elizabeth May, clearly show that he sits at the forefront of good politics.

Anonymous said...

Hi James maybe the word
would be desperate politics. It just proves to me he needs help to try and win,and it doesn't according to the polls now does it ? Thanks !!!


James said...


Wtf, can't you see past your nose?

Why would Elizabeth May support Stephane Dion for PM? Because he's weak and desperate? Why would Grist magazine name him as one of the top-ten environmental leaders of the world? Because he's playing desperate politics?

Are you A FUCKING IDIOT!? Get your head out of your ass, man, and stop regurgitating the semen of your partisan masters.