Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fighting Back

This clip used by the Edward's campaign is an example of how to defend yourself from attack ad's. Kerry did not act quickly when he was "swiftboated" and Dion has faith that people will see through the ridiculous Conservative ads that have run in Quebec.

This quick reaction from the Edward's campaign clearly illustrates how the GOP and their followers are distracting from the real issues.

Lesson to be learned by the Lib's?


Anonymous said...

KNB sorry about my ignorance,but who is Edward's? Thanks!


knb said...

He's running for President in the next US election.

He's a Democrat who has been attacked by the Republicans for an expensive if that matters.

There are far more important issues in the States, no?

Red Canuck said...

That's a great ad. It's sad, though, that candidates need to run spots like this merely to defend themselves from petty mudslinging.

Anonymous said...

KNB it's because you got
me by surprised i thought
you were going to talk about the byelection here in Quebec. When i seen the name Edward's i started thinking is there a candidate named Edward's that i don't know about it.I new there was one in the States.
But thanks for the info. KNB.


Anonymous said...

I heard news reports in the u.s. He really is getting a beating some of the talk show host are calling him anti american.
I don't believe that's fair
to be honest with you. You know KNB you must have a great deal of passion to update your blog like you do on a daily basis.I go around
on other blogs they sometimes go weeks before they do any updates congrats to you i don't know how you do it, because i wouldn't have the patience to do what you again congrats to!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Edwards should practice what he preaches - I mean, really, criticizing Hilliary's pink jacket? Hmmm?

Also, maybe Edwards should start standing up for himself instead of his wife running all over the place asking people not to attack him. You see her more on TV, etc. than even the candidates. Who's running for president anyway - Elizabeth of John? Who wears the pants in that family?

Anonymous said...

Lesson to be learned in the Edwards campaign.

Go down swinging. Set the standard early in the campaign and force the others to respond to you.

His apology for the vote on Iraq and opposition to the expansion of NAFTA means that centrist candidates like Obama and Clinton will have to follow suit. At the same time, using the theme "war on poverty" signifies that Edwards will not do business as usual.

MD said...

I like Edwards the best of the Democrat contenders so far. He has kept a focus on long term chronic issues like poverty alleviation and accessible health care, instead of grabbing on to whatever the headline of the day is as his issue. An he has started to flesh out some actual policies instead of empty platitudes about representing "hope." That add was a pretty effective response to his critics too.

But he's getting killed by dwindling media attention and has fallen behind in fundraising. His campaign does not seem to be resonating and I'm not sure why. Perhaps its just difficult to run an issues-based campaign in our media environment.

Anonymous said...

Nice cover stories of Edwards on both Vogue Homme and Esquire. He is the choice of most sensitive working males.

He is running ahead in the Iowa caucus. However, in the primaries, he is running solidly behind Hillary and Obama. This shows the discrepancy between likeability and winnability.