Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maybe it's Time to Call it a Day John?

One bad news story after another. Perhaps it's time for John McCain to hang up his campaign hat and call it a day.
This news, is obviously not good news.

I honestly think this guy is just past his "sell by" date and his current stance just isn't selling.
He tried to appear moderate, gain support, but his unfaltering promotion of all that is Bush, is failing...among the GOP faithful no less.
I think McCain is sincere in his bid, but he doesn't seem to have a grip on what Americans want. Sometimes, you need to listen to the people around you and he seems, unable or unwilling to do that.
In the end, it's my belief, that no matter who the GOP select as their "guy", he'll lose. McCain has an honourable reputation. Wouldn't you want to maintain that?
I say, get out now, no matter how that plays against your instincts. You'll still have your integrity when the election rolls around and be able to make your case. When it doesn't sell then, you'll at least have the comfort of sitting among a few who will continue to prop you up.


Steve V said...

What a trainwreck. The only saving grace for McCain, the Republican field is so completely underachieving that he could hang around and hope to make a comeback.

knb said...

Yeah, I thought about that too, but I don't think it'll happen.

I actually think this is not going to be the last story, not about McCain, but the good, (cough), mayor himself will run into problems I think.

In the end, they'll all look so weak, it'll be a tough go.

Anonymous said...

McCain running his campaign so poorly would indicate how he'd run the country if you ask me.

McCain has a temper, and is extremely stubborn - have't the US had enough of someone like this?

He can't go on the fact of the war hero stuff and Viet Nam - many, many members of the senate and congress were also in Viet Nam. And, I don't see how his service there makes him a military expert.

The US needs to move on - not go back.

Anonymous said...

McCain is dead as a doornail.

When you have less cash than Ron Paul, then the train has left you buy.

A single digit result in the Iowa caucus may be the result if he sticks around.

Welcome to the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Priscilla said...

Good post.