Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Former Ambassador Fits Right In

Gilles Duguay seems to have made a seamless transition to his new position. In fact, he seems to have read all the appropriate literature issued by the the Conservatives on how to attack your opponent.
Fair enough, it's a byelection and there is no question that the outcome matters. I have no idea of how this rhetoric will play out, but wasn't there just a poll out that suggested people were so over AdScam? Suggesting that Dion knew about it seems rather silly to me.
"I'm telling you, if you read his CV, the man has been in cabinet since 1995, and if this university professor, descendant of a famous university professor, didn't know anything about the sponsorship scandal, I suggest you ask him whether he knew anything or not," Duguay said Wednesday.
So, is he saying that the Gomery Report is wrong or just certain parts of it are wrong? If so, which bit did he get right and what sections does he consider to be in error? Good luck with that!
Then we have this gem from Lawrence Cannon:
"I find it rather appalling that the leader of this (Liberal) party, who seeks to obtain some sense of credibility, hasn't even deemed it necessary to excuse his party for the wrongdoings that have happened in Quebec," said Cannon, who introduced Duguay.
He wants Dion to excuse the Liberals? Another interesting strategy.
An interesting byelection to be sure, theatre in fact.


Steve V said...

What a DUD strategy. Do these people have any ideas? I mean, I understand that they came to power attacking the Liberals, but is there anything positive to offer?

knb said...

Apparently not. It's quite a striking example of "arrested development" isn't it?

They seem to have two acts in their play. They either live in the distant past and slop around in the politics of muck, or, they live in their Alice in Wonderland world.

Witness Mulroney:
"In fact, I would say that his government is probably off to the best start of any government that I can remember in my lifetime," added Mulroney, whose gift for eyebrow-lifting hyperbole is the stuff of Ottawa lore

Ummm, what's Harper's approval rating?

Oh well, the longer they keep this stuff up, the less they look like a government.

I suspect Coulon will have lot's of ideas and vision to present to voters. Surely that holds more appeal than attack.

If Mulcair and Duguay prefer to play in the sand box, I say fine.

Who is the Bloq candidate?

Steve V said...


I read that Mulroney quote. Apparently his standards of success are quite low, which might explain Ben's stellar career :) Sorry, couldn't help myself.

ottlib said...

Considering Brian Mulroney is one of the most reviled PMs in Canadian history. His governance lead to the destruction the increased regionalization of Canada and the destruction of an old and storied political party I can see why he would consider the Harper government a success.

The bar he set is not very high.