Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canadian Culture Abroad. Does it Matter?

If you glance over at my profile, it will be obvious to you where I stand on this issue.
I think this is a smart move by Dion.
Many Liberals have been calling on Dion to start putting out policy. I think he has been, one issue at a time. We are not in an election at the moment. Obviously, if we were, there would have to be a very cohesive message, but at this point, I think he does well to suss out individual groups, assess what he feels he can bring to the table and present it. That he has been well received by many groups, speaks more to reality than current polls. The people who have heard him, are supporting him. Canadians as a whole, haven't yet heard him.
I'm not suggesting that it won't be tough work. It will be, but hitting issues like this, that he obviously believes in, will bring those elements in.
I am well aware that many Canadians do not know and do not care about our artistic culture. Furthermore, they see no benefit in spreading it abroad.
The segment may be small, but we did not gain our reputation abroad through military means alone. We represent something that people around the globe are intrigued by.
Sadly, some Canadians recognise it less than they do.


Anonymous said...


KNB how can you say
that Canadians as a whole,haven't yet heard him? Is it because of the polls ? Or is because they don't buy or trust him what he is selling?He has been in federal politics 11 years. He was in the news all of last year because of the leader ship convention he laid out his plan what he would do if he were PM of this Country all winter long he was attacking the PM over this and over that.People are not buying what he has to offer. At 37% for the Cons. could be easly a majority goverment for Harper,because with Dion the GRITS ARE NOW MORE TO THE LEFT THEN YOU HAVE THE NDP THE GREENS AND THE BLOC HERE IN QUEBEC ALL OF THESE PARTIES ARE TO THE LEFT. THE DANGER FOR THE GRITS IT is the SPLITTING OF THE VOTES AND THE CONS. WILL GET IN AND FORM A MAJORITY GOVERMENT. THE REASON I FEEL THIS WAY IS SIMPLE JUST LOOK AT THE POLLS SINCE WHEN THE CONS. GOT IN THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OVER THE 30% MARK THAT TELLS ME THAT THEY
Conservative base will never vote for a party on the left you know i'm right,right? To many parties fighting over the same pie on the left and this is bad news for you
people on the left.



Red Tory said...

Why is John John shouting? It doesn't make his drivel anymore compelling...

Anonymous said...

I'm not shouting Red
it's because my shift key
on my keyboard sometimes
gets stuck that's why i need TO CHANGE MY KEYboard!!! So i'm sorry
if it looks like i'm shouting.


knb said...

I was going to ask about the shouting too.

Canadians as a whole have not heard Dion. Political wonks have, but the average person doesn't keep up with this stuff.

You see Dion as way left, but he's not. Vote splitting is always a risk, but that just means his message will have to be very clear during an election.

The con's indeed have their base, but that's it. Their problem is, in all of this time, they can't grow their base, even after 16 months of throwing money at the electorate.

Steve V said...

You know what is funny? Here we have a Conservative talking about the Liberals being too left, and concurrently I have NDP supporters on my blog, telling me that the Liberals are the same as the Tories. Go figure.

knb said...

Weird, weird times Steve. I think the only thing that will shake all of this out is an election.