Monday, July 30, 2007

What to Make of This?

Aside from the fact that the Conservatives refuse to follow through on ANY Liberal initiative, it's difficult to understand how this plan makes any sense.

Is reinforcing the dike going to guarantee no more flooding? I don't see that written anywhere. If not, why on earth would we spend all of that money, only to have the community experience floods again?

A consultant who recently interviewed Kashechewan residents found that a majority of the people in the village favoured a relocation to higher ground still within their territory, because they feared they were prone to more flooding in the future.

For a government who screamed that they care about Human Rights for Aboriginals, this seems counter-intuitive or are the two events linked? What I mean by that is, they may have planned to buttress this announcement with their victory in committee.

All of that said, I think it's good to see some movement on this file, but it seems wrong headed to me.

Update: Chief Solomon was on the radio, CBC, and he said "This is the best deal he could get right now". He'd prefer this this to status quo. It sounds to me that he has pressure in his community and from the government, to do something, anything. It would appear as if the gov't gave him no option.


Anonymous said...

I thought "this" plan was the one the CPC criticized and I thought the plan the Liberals had was to let them live in the same area, but move them up-land and away from the flood area?

This is another bandaid so that the CPC can say they are getting things done.

It seems to me that everything the CPC do is half-assed and short-term for vote buying.

I seem to recall that the other choice the CPC gave them was to move them to Timmins so perhaps that's why this is the so-called best they had to choose from.

knb said...

The three options were there. The timmins move was rejected out right. This is the less expensive of the two remaining choices.

It does seem to be a very expensive band aid.