Thursday, July 12, 2007

Losing Support One Group at a Time

We all know by now that Mr. Harper is loathe to adopt anything that came from the Liberals, unless of course he does adopt it and re-name it, or in the case of his shift on the Afghanistan mission, just adopts it without saying he is.
On the Kelowna Accord issue though, it's truly perplexing that they continue to use the language they do. It plays to their base of course, but the damage that it is doing to a relationship that is already strained, just makes no sense at all.
It's apparent that Native Leaders are very proud of all the work that went into the Accord, why continue the partisan rant?
Rod Bruinooge who, when asked by reporters why the government shelved the accord, said the arrangement was a mere public relations exercise by the Liberals before the last federal election. "The previous government made an election promise at the last hour," Bruinooge said. "This was later dubbed the Kelowna accord. ... There was no agreement. It was a press release."
I suppose it's simply automatic now for most conservative MP's, to give the standard response. Perhaps if there were a few of them that actually were allowed to think for themselves, things would be different.
As it stands, Harper seems content to tell those he is trying negotiate with, that there opinion means nothing.
What a vote getter!


Steve V said...

"Losing Support One Group at a Time"

Quite the impressive coalition Harper is creating isn't it?

knb said...

Indeed Steve, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're doing a heckuva job Steve (Harper) in uniting Canada.

Atlantic provinces, Sask, First Nations and next - Ontario.

The CPC famous line - written on the back of a napkin. Ya, it took 18 months of meetings, talks, agreement with every province to write a note on a napkin.

So, Canada is now about Alberta and "Quebec" only it seems.

Heckuva a job Steve in uniting Canada - uh, huh.