Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Filibuster?

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre was on QP with Thomas Mulcair and Scott Brison to discuss the upcoming committee meetings, (tomorrow and Wednesday), on the In and Out scheme.

While what he said was the same old tripe, he was somewhat more restrained than we've seen in the past. (I guess he really got a dressing down.)

In view of his more subdued demeanor, I wondered if the meetings might go smoothly, (I know, silly me) given how clear the Notice of Meeting is.

Well if I'm reading this story correctly, it doesn't look as though tomorrow is going to be all that smooth. I'm not sure if the intent is to actually filibuster, but it does appear that the Conservatives will bring forward 3 motions in an effort to have the Bloc included in the hearings. That is precisely how they have been filibustering all these months.

Like the handling of Zytaruk tape case, it really seems to me that the Conservatives simply don't care how their actions resonate with the public, which of course doesn't make much sense as we approach an election . Don't you think that after months of filibustering, an attempt to once again distract and delay the committee business will be seen as an obvious ploy to not have their case examined?

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they'll simply make the motions and have them voted down and move on believing that they have presented reasonable doubt as to the credibility of Elections Canada. Perhaps they further believe that they will be bolstering their case to discredit the institution by pointing out the bias they believe Elections Canada is employing.

If that's the case, I think it's a risky move. I imagine the meetings will be televised, therefore they will be viewed by a larger than usual audience. Until now, they have batted away charges of being obstructionist, but that will be a little tough to do if you're on the nightly news obstructing, don't you think?

Then again, maybe they think all eyes will be focused here.


RuralSandi said...

Apparently, the BLOC did use that in and out scheme....while it was still legal. After they did it, the rules were changed by Chretien, I believe.

So, the BLOC didn't actually break any rules - the Conservatives did.

knb said...

I think you're right Sandi, but I don't know much about the Bloc case.

It still is a dumb move imo. They'll embarrass the Bloc a bit perhaps, but given that it's history, (which will take about 2 minutes for the opposition to explain), they are doing nothing to firm up their case.

I wonder if Poilievre will remain calm?

Summer fun for political junkies.

Steve V said...

From the Liberal perspective, no matter what happens, I can't think of a better scenario than Pierre once again front and center. What a wonderful example to present to Canadians. The guy oozes "weasel".

knb said...

Indeed Steve. I don't know who will be there, but thus far, all the Con's have employed his tactics.

Alex said...

Its not a matter of the rules were changed its the extent of the abuse. The Bloc was found not guilty by a judge but overturned and then the candidate returned approx 17k to the party. They were also identified as cranking up electoral expenses by charging fees for family or volunteers as staff to drive up the expenses thereby getting a bigger share of your tax dollars via the 60% refund!

In the Cons case they maxed out the expenditures with so called marketing expenses that were charged to local candidates, ran ads provincially and then claimed national messaging, thereby passing the bill onto the taxpayer with the 60% refund from Elections Canada.

If one considers that the average total campaign bill runs about 76k and charges of around 38 to 45k for local publicity were charged you start to see that something stinks. In addition when one knows what the going rates are for radio and marketing ads you would have seen a hell of a lot but the reality was very little if any were seen on for any local level candidate pariticpating in the scam. In addition most of these questionable campaigns that participated would never be able to afford the pay for these fees without the transfer from the mother account Conservative national, another suspect motion and then finally the fact that the money was transfered in on lets say a Monday and billed and transfered on Tuesday back to the mother account stinks again!

penlan said...

Does anyone know what time the committee starts & if it's on CPAC?

knb said...

Here you go penlan.

penlan said...

thankyou KNB! :)