Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Choices, choices! What to Do?

Oh dear. The boneheaded move of the government proclaiming against Insite a couple of months ago is coming back to bite them.

I know most Canadians are turned off politics, but special interest groups are not. They are listening. I would encourage them, (not that my voice here really has any influence) to speak out now and speak out loudly. I'm pretty sure that there will be an election called in the Fall and if 3rd parties do not start speaking in unity now as to what this government is doing, they will have lost their chance when the writ finally drops.

As it relates to this story, bravo to Quebec. It does indeed put the Con's in a corner. Votes or ideology? Where do they compromise? My bet is that they stick to their very flawed logic, but make a play to make it palatable to Quebecers in the same manner that Clement presented at committee which I suspect most Canadians ignored. Failed logic, even wrapped in Conservative spin, cannot prevail.

I don't know if an election will bring all of this nonsense to the fore, but I have to say at this point I want to scream, no I want to employ Cher's line in Moonstruck, and yell, 'Snap out of it!' to disengaged Canadians.

Dion started to engage people on issues, but I notice now in the press it's really only the idiot Sun columnists who speak to his plan. Actually they don't speak about it, they speak at it through amazing distortion. The MSM have moved on to more sexy stories and their definition of sexy is sorely lacking, imo.

Write to third parties people. Encourage them to make their case very public and do it now. Third party validation, on any cause, is important. At the moment we only seem right wing groups speaking out. The left is being buried in the letters to the editors section.

It's time to push the groups you support.


ottlib said...

The decision by the BC Supreme Court on Insite has left the Conservatives some breathing room.

They are appealing it but any decision on that appeal will not come down until well into 2009.

Until then the Conservatives will not say a word about any safe-injection sites in either BC or Quebec.

In all likelihood we will have an election before the court decision. If the Conservatives win they will have two years to recover from any negative political impact of shutting these places down. If the Liberals win then the Conservatives do not need to worry about making any decisions.

Either way this issue will not have as big an impact on the current or future political dynamic as it would have if the BC court would have agreed with the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons the Green Shift isn't resonating with people is that people are starting to be spooked about the economy more than the environment. Heck, this past winter was brutal and this spring and summer's been on the cool side as well.